3.14.1d Patch Notes (restartless)

I think I just need to accept that PoE will always run like shit and to stop being excited for any prospect to fix it.
Why change cache location to ...\AppData\Roaming\Path of Exile ?

Besides, old shader cache in game folder still in use.

Why other games don't have these problems?
where is this clear cache button everyone talking about i can't find it i am using steam btw
Sorenalike wrote:
where is this clear cache button everyone talking about i can't find it i am using steam btw

It is in the UI section, which is ridiculous btw.
Ashriel wrote:
My game loads faster, yes, but still nowhere near as fast as it did a couple years ago. I used to be able to launch the game and be in my hideout in 2 seconds, max. Now the quickest I can make it is maybe 10? And my game flickers and flashes Oriath at load, puts a weird transparent texture over my character portraits, and makes my flasks and inventory look like Japanese porn for a solid 5 or 6 seconds even after this patch....

Not to mention, all spells and effects are still reloaded from SCRATCH every single map now, making the start of every single new zone nice and invisible for 5 seconds. This never was a problem before Texture Streaming. And, it seems, GGG is so committed this that we will never, ever see good performance ever again (which is hilarious to even call it that) ever again.

Blurry jpegs for no reason across the entire client, reloading assets literally all the time - just why? Why have you done this?

I usually don't do fullquotes but THIS is exactly what I experience since every league after Heist.

In Heist everything ran "okayish" on my PC (Intel i5, 8GB RAM, game on very low settings) with HDD and very smooth as I changed it to a SSD. Loading times were superb! I was very happy with the performance back these days as I could smoothly progress red maps and do bossing.

After Heist it consequently ran even worse than back in the days when I had the old HDD installed
- Loading of zones times get longer (2-10 times depending on the location to be loaded)
- Everything that "spawns" on screen for the first time needs to be loaded and results in a huge peak in latency accorded with a huge decrease in FPS (almost down to 0) for up to a few seconds. This makes every mechanic a near-death-experience, that loads a huge number ob mobs/items within a short time
- Even every skill I want to use needs to be casted a few times before starting the map in order to be cached and to have no lag afterwards
- It takes around 20% into the map until it runs more or less smooth - until then I need to be very slow and careful not to go too fast into packs because otherwise the lag would make it uncontrollable
- Some bosses that spawn "with company" or other moving objects (like in the map with the boss that is accompanied with the rolling stone marbles) are almost everytime a death sentence as so many assets have to be loaded and you are dead even before the game gets reactive again.
- The same is true for maven fights with more than 4-5 bosses at the same time.

I also heared of players with high end hardware having the same problems and others running on lower spec PCs having no issues at all. What makes the game so "picky" to behave in such different ways?

And: Do the performance issues also affect other platforms like XBox or PS4 in such different ways, too? Are there some that suffer those performance issues whereas others don't? These systems are much more limited in comparison with PC systems so they should tend to be more homogeneous in behaviour.

Don't get me wrong - I really like PoE and I supported it in the last leagues with MTX. But all the performance issues lead to many more deaths, which are really annoyng when you get past level 90...

And it's really sad, that GGG seems to not give any clue on how they want to get the game in a more performant state in the future (I know there's PoE2 around some time soon).

Some glitches here and there can happen in every game. But we're talking about severe performance impacts even on high end machines occuring in every league after Heist. So definitely something changed around the time after ending Heist league.

And I'd really love to see it getting fixed so everyone gets the smooth gameplay they were used to in Heist league.
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The big mistake from GGG is decreasing loading times when game engine is not designed for that, like example GTA V engine wchich utilize VRAM in other way, GGG need make longer loading screens like pre 2.0 when player cannot accept this cause they like shorter loading screens but they dont like loading artifacts :) This is dead end ...
I click "Clear" and "Accept" and the contents of the Minimap and other folders are not erased. Shaders are also not erased.

Game is installed to D:\Path of Exile
Cache folder is apparently in My Documents
Computer specifications:
Windows 10 Pro x64 | AMD Ryzen 3700X | ASUS Crosshair VIII Hero (WiFi) Motherboard | 16GB 3600MHz RAM | MSI Geforce 1070Ti Gamer | Corsair AX 760watt PSU | Samsung 860 Pro 512GB SSD & WD Black FZEX HDD
+1 for not any better and maybe even worse than before the patch, and has been getting worse each league. I suppose my PC is towards the "lower end" (i5 8400, 16GB, RX480 8GB, SSD etc.) which I thought was supposed to benefit the most?

Textures constantly streaming, even after porting to dump or trade mid map, legions now chunking and freezing, massing frame drops on harbinger packs.
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Since this patch, constant crashes to desktop and sometimes entire PC.

Happens when a lot of textures going off at the same time?
I feel this patch helped me a lot. Things feel much smoother. DX11, not vulcan.

Thank you, GGG!
May your maps be bountiful, exile

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