3.14.1d Patch Notes (restartless)

It seems to have fixed Dx11 crashing my AMD 5700xt display driver after keeping it at 100% utilization in a vanilla hideout.
game now runs better after the hotfixes. thx
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New bug with this patch. When I set a price on my items and hit enter the chat opens
can't use korean after patch
Socket links on gear not showing correctly but connections are working.
ThePlash wrote:
Clear Cache button doesn't seem to work, when i click it and select "Accept", the dialog closes right away.

Checked the folders after that and Minimap, ShopImages and ShaderCacheD3D11 (which are, i believe, the folders that should be emptied) still had all the files in them.

Maybe your cache was cleared automatically just before you hit the button?
This update causes way too many unintended crashes. More so with Vulkan than DX11, but still.
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I have 6GB VRAM, before the patch the game hardly ever used more than 1,5GB. Now after loading a bunch of areas in a row I can get it close to 4GB. I suppose that's an improvement in 2021.
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I can't seem to find the clear cache button in the Options menu. Which sub menu is it located under? I assume Graphics but I see nothing, and I have restarted my client.
UI, it doesn't do anything though.

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