3.14.1d Patch Notes (restartless)

any plan to buff trialmaster spawn rate? pls
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ThePlash wrote:
Clear Cache button doesn't seem to work, when i click it and select "Accept", the dialog closes right away.

Checked the folders after that and Minimap, ShopImages and ShaderCacheD3D11 (which are, i believe, the folders that should be emptied) still had all the files in them.

The folders and files have moved to AppData\Roaming. The UI button to open the folder is oddly meant for locating where your filters are located (in My Documents).

You can safely delete the files and folders from My Documents and the games installation folder if they're present there (not sure why GGG didn't clear them when changing the location they're stored at).

Also not sure why GGG nestled a Open Folder (for Filters) button between 2 buttons relating to Cache.
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Is it possible to make your code only use 90 percent of vram available to reduce those types of crashes?
Gandicar wrote:
Is it possible to make your code only use 90 percent of vram available to reduce those types of crashes?

Even if there is I doubt GGG will do it... As always, nothing in PoE can work properly :)
It almost feels like they are deliberately trying to brake their game at this point...

What you suggested is like the first thing they should have thought of instead of letting the game consuming VRAM endlessly...
Memory leak seems to be finally fixed. 2021 EDIT: NOP, WE HAVE IT AGAIN.

Say HI to useless forced Bloom :D.
And also say hi to crashes to desktop with no error...
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it all comes down to very poor programming in the game and GGG tries to dump the load on the end user's system without actually testing things. they should use the streamers as their testers in a closed beta and let them stream that so the casual players will see how things could be. but no, lets throw some code into the already broken game and just dump it on everyone causing even more issues.
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