3.14.1d Patch Notes (restartless)

Well... game crashed. Serves me right for trying to run a tribute to the goddess after a new patch...
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Elric_1591 wrote:
UI, it doesn't do anything though.

It does, removes everything that is located within the cache folder except one file. Like it's supposed to do, are you checking the right folder?
I play on a low end pc and it improved A LOT here

Nope, didn't help
After clean cache button press, no longer able to type in Korean in chat area.

i play this game on intel HD and the game stuck at the initial loading screen. :(

edit: i tried to run the game 6 times already and the problem still exist. the memory of the game in task manager is stuck at 998MB. guess its end of my PoE untill i buy a new PC
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I don't know if the fault is from my end(tested with some music seems fine) but the audio(i mean in game) seems to way off like the clicking sound when you click on login or play and all , there is no sound when you transfer stuff into inventory or stash , low NPC voice.( i didnt even change the audio in the settings )
SppokyVega wrote:
New bug with this patch. When I set a price on my items and hit enter the chat opens

same here. looks like GGG still don't know how to test anything before sending it to their players. might be time to clean house and hire competent programmers
apparently, calling someone daft, which only means silly or foolish, breaches the code of conduct...
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so don't use big words like daft LMAO
My game loads faster, yes, but still nowhere near as fast as it did a couple years ago. I used to be able to launch the game and be in my hideout in 2 seconds, max. Now the quickest I can make it is maybe 10? And my game flickers and flashes Oriath at load, puts a weird transparent texture over my character portraits, and makes my flasks and inventory look like Japanese porn for a solid 5 or 6 seconds even after this patch....

Not to mention, all spells and effects are still reloaded from SCRATCH every single map now, making the start of every single new zone nice and invisible for 5 seconds. This never was a problem before Texture Streaming. And, it seems, GGG is so committed this that we will never, ever see good performance ever again (which is hilarious to even call it that) ever again.

Blurry jpegs for no reason across the entire client, reloading assets literally all the time - just why? Why have you done this?
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