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Installed the standalone client and the results are the same, so maybe it is a different issue. Not sure how the infrastructure is setup for Heists but I am guessing it is a different pool of servers than the other zones because the latency jumps to over 700ms now when I zone into the GH portal (which hosts the other portals to the wings) and instantly back to 30ms if I zone out or go to another Town (like after restarting the client)

Guess that is a sign to just call it a night.
Too late.
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Texture streaming is still pretty bad for me but its definitely an improvement. Good luck with fixing this because the game is pretty bottom barrel performance-wise right now. (The game ran better over a year ago it feels like with the stutters/ slow texture loading/ less overall frames)
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I play your game, I enjoy your game, despite all the little things that arent working. This fix, did the opposite to my playing experience, went from semi smooth and some ultimatums was doable, to lag crashes and ultimatum? pass by or die.

How the mighty have fallen, was it last league after a bad launch that you said any league launch in the future was in your hand and you had final say on anything, and thus any backlash would and should be directed at you.- you =CW.

Oh yeah, I would love if the GGG way was, lets make above anything else, damn sure that EVERYONE can play our game! Nothing else is above this, everyone can play, even on old machines and as "new" players. What a different experience this wouldve been.

I dont enjoy your stealth fixes and non tested launches, if this launch was tested, then is on you.

Grind on exiles

Edit, this is wild, title should not be found, but aplied.

Since your stealth patch, I before entering the game get numerous unexspected disconnections, I can only dream of doing anything that requires killing mobs that would be able to kill my character, ie I cant play at all. Again you strike gold with your untested fixes that you aply on the fly. Poe2, haha. This is like turning the clock 5 years back, not in a good way, im on a ssd and have a good pc, but im sure I need to post my specs and dxdiag info
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I decided to skip this league because by now your philosophy is too much based on extreme rngs and this is very far from my enjoyment ... and frankly, spending time watching streamers explaining your game is not exactly fascinating, indeed it is tedious .

I decided to skip this league because on time, the technical problems that compromise the functionality of the game are repeated, always dividing the league into 3 phases, alpha the first month (this particularly disastrous), beta the second, gold the third month but here we have game time is over.

I wish you to find really good professional technicians, who help the development of your game, because it is evident that you need personnel capable of developing certain dynamics that allow you to implement your ideas (sometimes even good ones).

Consider doing more for QOL, as it is quite sad that there are many people suffering from carpal tunnel ..... millions of useless clicks.

Almost 7 years with POE were more than enough to go from the initial enthusiasm to the disappointment of the current condition, but now I stop, I will wait for Poe2 hoping that it is up to a good technical quality and that it is not the usual mountain to climb with absurd rng for which you never see the top.

Good luck.
Appreciate the effort. Have loved the game since '13. Nothing else compares.

More effort on optimizing, and less on content would be a huge step on the future of this game. More players, more tabs/mtx/packs.
-Time to be funny. The world needs funny right now! Warning: "Might" get you muted.

25 Exalts...oh God my stupidity has stuck around!
This would be a good time to mention a performance issue related to Shadow + GI Quality settings.

In 3.13 and for a year+ I've run this on High setting with both DX11 and Vulkan. In 3.14 having this on High causes an idle FPS drop of 20. Turning it to low put me back at 90-100 FPS.

I've refused to change my in-game setting to accommodate recent performance issues outside changing API last league to Vulkan. This is either driver related or something changed between these versions but 20 FPS is pretty big on a 2070 for what I'd consider "average" visual quality.
Nothing change.Is still mess.
................and still no free apology gamba box
Awesome! Thanks for the patch!

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