Engine Performance Bug Found

did u find dupe bug? its fixed?
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since the patch, have constant microstutter. It is absolutely unplayable. dissapointing...
Thank you Chris! I am happy to read that the problems with texture streaming are not inevitable.
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did also u find the trialmaster?
This doesn't resolve all graphical/performance issue... in fact it didn't
hope u find the solution soon because its starting to annoy ppl
efectivamente esto no resuelve en absoluto TODOS los problemas graficos que llevais arrastrando por años, ni los de rendimiento
Sorry, but no change on Vulkan for me.
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All sorts of problems since this update using Vulkan - stuttering and rendering issues as others have mentioned - but I swapped to DX11 and it is now running more smoothly than it has since pre-3.13.
I don't know what you guys did, but it has only made things worse for me.
moving around in my hideout, of all places, result in freezes as it loads items in sections of the hideout i have not been in recently.

in zones the same stupid problem. items on maps such as current and past league events/features causes the same freezes.

ultimatums and anything that require loading of monsters or items causes freezes.

using my skills causes freezes on first use in a zone.


i know my hardware is not the greatest, but things were running much smoother and without all these hitches and freezes, and disconnects, and crashes, but then you introduced your new, whatever the hell it is, and since then performance has sucked, and enjoyment in playing the game has fallen significantly.


I heard that this is all for the optimization for consoles, don't know how true that is, but it suckes.

i only do ultimatums if the first item is good. the resultant freeze and/or crash i cannot be bothered with. Same for Delirium.

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