Engine Performance Bug Found

its still super lags and some texture not work
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After the patch..my movement is like stutter step..Goes a little bit forward then stops....probably loading in the screen stuff in the new area I walk to.
No stutter steps if I go to the area that was just loaded.

I had no problems before the patch..Please undue this patch or fix it again.
Literally no difference here. Still really bad texture loading, invisible mobs and attacks, stuttering performance and random crashes. Hope you can find some more fixes, thanks for trying at least.
what about the loading screens. I have not been able to play the game for 2 days because every 5 minutes it throws me a loading screen. 2 DAYS!!
I see huge improvement, so nicely done there. Too bad the league is terrible.
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after patch it was better, now some days in it starts again.
My performance just went to shit. :(
Performance still leaves a lot to be desired (compared to previous leagues) and I am still randomly crashing to desktop with no error message whatsoever (also started this league). I can only hope that GGG set up their game to auto-send error reports without generating one on screen, but who am I kidding?
it's so bad; why when i come to sirus gate i will disconnect; what's going onnnn. hard to completed the maps to meet sirus T___T

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