3.14.1 Patch Notes Preview

So, even tho I built my atlas, I'm lvl 89, I was FORCED to buy 20 t13+ maps, I made them all rare corrupted, played them, and ALL THAT DROPPED WAS ONE t14. So, I'm out of maps. This is a very bad joke and a careless slap in my face by GGG, who is spitting on regular players, making impossible to do Ultimatum or the end game or even play the damn game. After 9 years as a supporter, sice GGG clearly don't want me as a player anymore, I'm done.
Remove ultimatum from PoE & bring harvest back, why you destroy good builds insted of making bad builds viable?
Please... just make the game viable for any player and any class/build
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s191417nq wrote:
Thanks for not fixing Harvest

i even control f to fast look for a fix but your text was the first to appear... i assume it's not worth reading the notes xD
[/quote] i even control f to fast look for a fix but your text was the first to appear... i assume it's not worth reading the notes xD[/quote]

This patch notes are the real big GGG joke of the league. Lame.
Unfortunately all they care about is their ridiculously over-priced mtx (you know, where a cosmetic armour bundle can cost more than a AAA game...).

All we get now are filler articles, and mtx spamming on the front page. I think what is so dissapointing, is the lack of engagement from them, it almost feels like they think they're too good to interact with players.

The other games I play, or played, such as civ 6, warframe, last epoch, and the division, all have really engaged developers and community managers. I'm not saying all those games are flawless, but they genuinely listen and talk to their customers.

You get nothing from GGG, all you get is the very occasional post from Bex on reddit. For some reason they neglect their own website forum.

I really don't get their strategy, and it's obvious that their contempt for their playerbase, is turning more and more away. Let's not forget they also like to censor an awful lot of posts which paint them in a negative light. I think they removed well over 50 pages of the harvest manifesto, which coincidentally meant it stayed below 500 pages...

Just not really sure what they are doing. If the resource is on poe 2, that's understandable. But let people have fun with poe1, it feels more like a chore than ever this league. Also, maybe do 3 leagues a year till poe2 is out, to help with the reduced resource levels. Ultimatum is...crap, and clearly has 95% in common with ritual, just worse.

Oh well, stay safe and well people.
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sorry,but no.
This all won't open my wallet and let my cash flow to you guys...

This Start/Stop mechanic has to go with all the bad rewards.

Sorry but... no thnx...
I understand if nerfs are required to different parts of the game to move forward - but NEVER lower the drop rates of loot because once that level of progression is gone so is your playerbase.

The feedback your getting is harsh but that's because we enjoy your game and dont want to lose it.
Thank you GGG! Game is great

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