Development Stories: Path of Exile 2 Narrative Design Philosophies

I look forward to the texture streaming lore, with how people become blank boxes when first seen, magic effects are initially invisible, and delerium fog slowing down time.
This sounds great!
I would like to see a different POE than the first generation, and I want to be bold enough to make it fresh for the players.
I hope for a heavy winter themed act, I think current PoE lacks some, with great environmental effects, that could not just for visuals but for gameplay or story...
Hopefully that 50 mil in profit reserves pulls through the finish line cuz lore and narrative won't matter if the game remains in its current poor state of taking crafting away from the average gamer, streamer prio, launch crashes, ambiguous enforcement of their own 'rules', and censorship of opinion.
I don't use Rejuvenation Totem. I use Spell Totem + Vitality +Reduced Mana. Like a boss.
I’ll leave off with an open-ended question: in terms of places and people, what would you most like to see again from Path of Exile 1?

I'd like to revisit Lioneye's Watch, to see how this tiny refuge for sick exiles turned into a safe haven for the populace of Oriath. i wonder how much the place changed and if the people there managed to get rid of all the cannibals and the 'Karui' humanoids that were made by Tukohama to defend his territory. also, I'd definitely love to visit the southern glaciers where supposedly Innocence is doing penance there
Archadria wrote:
You can have the atlas!
But Oriath will BURN!

yikes yikes yikes

You want the atlas? Take it!
But Oriath, Oriath I will burn to the ground!
For my ancestors! - King Kaom
I would like to have a full map of Wraeclast so that you can better understand the world you are playing in and put yourself into the world.
I'd like to see Nessa again. When I first started the game years ago, she was my favorite and most endearing character. I felt sad about the way her story ended. I know she almost certainly died with the Brine King, but it's never explicitly stated in-game. In fact, there's some dialogue that suggests she could still be alive.

Nessa is CONFIRMED to be alive after the fight. There was an old voice line and animation about how Nessa escaped the Brine King's shell after you killed him, and she said something to you, but for some reason they decided to abandon that animation and line.
Where's Grigor?

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