Development Stories: Path of Exile 2 Narrative Design Philosophies

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I would like if you would have different play-style-options for like one to explore the stories and lore (so the battles are less challenging) and one for the competitive players, where necessary dialogues and lore are fast play and the challenging battles are harder then in the "lore option".
Currently I can't play the higher arcs well, cause my skills to play are not good enough(and will not improve with my time at hand), so their stories are only approachable via youtube for me.

Thank you
I want Lady Dialla the gemling queen back. She is weird but not evil.

Maybe we could have the gemling mountain in the endgame, you start low on the mountain in tier one zones and slowly climb higher. The higher you go the weirder and harder this place becomes. Higher up will it drop more gems(rewards of this this league) and you also have greenish, reddish and blueish zones that drop more of the respective gems.

The summit should be near impossible and utterly perplexing, only doable after 3 months of gearing.
Lots of replies already, but I'll add my opinion anyway.

I'm super excited for a more immersive story. I always felt like Path of Exiles biggest weakness was the lack of replayablility in the main story. If you've played it and read through it once, you've played it 100 times. Introducing choice should give people meaningfully different playthroughs that can help a larger player base stay invested in the game for more than one playthrough.

That being said, I'd really like some closure in the stories that we got to observe in the first game, such as Clarissa, Nessa, Grigor and the item hunter couple in Highgate. I also want to know if Jun and Zana ever got together. Did they adopt a child like Jun wanted?

Outside of story interest, I really like The Maven.

Also, as for places... The Harvest garden was beautiful. The Lunaris/Solaris temple and boss fight was also awesome.

Will the fishing mechanics in PoE 2 be the same as they are currently?

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