Development Stories: Path of Exile 2 Narrative Design Philosophies

I want to see Synthesis back! additionally leagues/other stuff that are removed can move to synthesis as part of memories etc. I cant believe that such a good work was not added to the game!
Honestly my favorite character in the POE1 campaign is Dialla. Not sure how we'd bring her back (and, specifically, Bodelle de Ronde's incredible voice acting), though through thaumaturgy anything is possible!
Show me what the lad Grigor has been up to, along with Hargan and Weylam. I want to see what kind of shenanigans they got into in the interim.
Also for whatever it's worth I love that the witch's story is that she has both the power and the perspective to be another villain and I hope that sense of menace remains in her POE2 incarnation!
"What would you most like to see again from Path of Exile 1?"

I would like to see or hear what happened to Innocence. He said he would leave, but where ? How long ? Does Sin left with him ? etc...
I feel like PoE 1 story is like several parts put together. I really want to see a campaign final boss which evolves throughout the story as we do. I love the idea about choices impacting the story and sidequests. From PoE 1 my favorite locations are: The ledge, The crossroads, The western forest, The ravaged square and The ossuary.
If we revisit a location like let us say act 1 I'd like to see it have weather effects like it's just forever in a lightning storm or just rain effects. Or it's wintertime and it's experiencing some snow.
A codex/journal like Dragon Age/The Witcher/Pillars of Eternety and (this is probably to much to ask) i would like to see some quests/missions that are specifically designed for lore/world building AND that have a marker letting the player know that they wont get any book of skill/regrets so that we might skip them if we want :)
Look forward to it! Sounds amazing.
"in terms of places and people, what would you most like to see again from Path of Exile 1?"

I saw a huge missed opportunity in Kuduku NOT returning in Part 2 once we revisited Act 1 areas. Kuduku could have a place or a little reference in Path of Exile 2. I would really enjoy that.

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