Development Stories: Path of Exile 2 Narrative Design Philosophies

Please give us more things like your famous mass hanging on character class selection.

Can't stand PC crap that's overwhelmed the world in the last 10 years.
Thanks for posting this! It's nice having some insight into the game's writing.
Civ 6 was ruined for me cause of their global warming agenda in the second expansion.

Don't you dare do this to PoE2.
BTW Heist roleplaying side was great.

Rogues dialogues and quests were excellent!

That's the way to go.
I want to see Einhar again.

Also, it would be nice to see some NPCs be fairly well off for a change and adjusted to life in Wraeclast - Acts 5-10 often took a dark turn as each act had some figure befall a tragedy.

With the spirit of choices, it would be a nice deviation.

For instance, what if you COULD save silk from Arakaali? What if Nessa WAS rescuable? What if giving the feather to Tasuni or Irasha DID make a difference?

That is the type of impactful choices I want to see. You can't save everyone, but progressing through acts 5-10 had an element of "see, we're POE, see how dark and gritty we are? YEAH BABY! YEAH! DARK!" for the pure sake of it without any real purpose. It frankly read like lego batman in the lego movie from a narrative sense.

I'd like to see the story have actual weight and heft, and consistency throughout.

Take POE 1's Marauder - bitches about Kitava all throughout acts 1-4.... get's to act 5, and oh hey, there's a fellow Karui who happens to be an out and proud follower of Kitava - I know, let's go HELP HIM. :/

I know there are many people where story is just a chore to get through before grinding end game maps, but given the new creative license you have, how about using it for coherent story telling?

And don't just go killing off characters to make the story "feel" dark. Have a point and purpose, and maximize the impact of living in a dark world where people still survive and make due - its the good moments that poignantly shine through in a rough environment that better punctuate a story reflecting a dark atmosphere, rather than just gore and blood like a cheap horror movie (although that has its place too - it is Wraeclast after all).

My favorite part in current POE is the story line that revolve around Zana, Dominus, Shaper and Venarius.
We never killed Venarius in Cortex and i've always wanted to see him make a return as i feel he is the connecting link between my favorite character.
How does he plan to unify humanity? What does it mean for him ? I know this is more of an atlas affair, but it is related to what happen in acts.
Hmmm I Would probably love to see Oriath again, maybe rebuilt or smth, as someone said. I would like to see updated Zana's story, connected with probably Sirus and Kirac, and also my beloved heist.
All I want, is for my character to start interacting with the world again. I want them to talk when they level up, when they meet a new NPC, I want them to banter with zana and get weirded out by Niko, I want league mechanic NPC to speak to us.

I want to feel like this is a living world and I am not just a mindless murder machine .

Please fix this. Poe stop all coherent story telling after act 6.

Bring back shapers strongholds and lore , you guys removed all story of the shaper and elder and it seems completely disconnected now, even though they are such an intrigal part of the story.
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I wanna see what Hargans up to. Wonder if he sold out sarn to the Ezomytes , or got himself killed trading something he shouldn't have.

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