Ultimatum Launch: Server Issues and Streamer Priority

But even after a new league reset, we now know that GGG prefers and promotes groups that abuse all game mechanics to the limit and control the "New fresh Economy". A very bad taste for the future of PoE
Reset the league

....99% of the players were not able to play, and the ones that have played the game was because of the streamers priority...

I you are really honest when you said that streamers priority was a error, fix it now, and dont let them all have a huge adventadge on everyone else for the rest of the league, for been able to play before everyone.

please reset the league ... !
reset league
As a man who works in IT, "divining what subtle fuckery is causing the problem today" is literally the best and most accurate terminology to use when trying to hunt down hard to find issues while explaining it to others.

Tumbs UP for the statement!


Allready seen ppl with 100ex stacks from duping bug, shit still not working....

RESET LEAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!
To me personally the damage is done and cannot be mended.
I have over the course of time supported with some pretty serious amounts of money but I have decided that I will never purchase a supporter or ingame gold again from this day.
It realy felt super demeaning to watch how popular streamers could just stroll by all the issues the rest uf us had.

I do not blaim the streamers that choose to keep in streamer priority, but I personally choose to stop following them because this is not in my culture nor in my interest to either support and/or watch.

I do appreciate that you are working hard to resolve the server issues and this could happen to any company no matter the amount of pre testing.

However I will not be able to forgive taking a clearly political stance that I (And the major part of the PoE community) have less worth than popular streamers to you.
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Do league reset then.

Small chunk of people has a incredible boost with this duping and piority things.
Loosing 12h in-game is not a big deal.
GGG must have the attitude and results to thoroughly prevent recurrence. This problem and the apparent misplaced priorities will cause an explosive loss of customers.

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