Extremely Slow Queue Processing

Wijis wrote:
So maybe 3 hours of queue time assuming the realm doesnt crash?

Too late. I was in for ~5 mins and got booted. 100k queue where streamers get to skip. Cool.
What a disgrace GGG. Unacceptable.
So bad....
This fricking queue gonna move?
Dont mind me , just an EU player who wanted to play few hours before work the next day i guess ill go to sleep with queue open and when im back in 16 hours ill still be in queue.
"Users are getting in and the game is stable once they are through the queue"

what a bullshit lie
Can you please be more precise please? Should Europeans with a queue 50k+ go to bed or not?
Someone ran an Update on their DB without disabling their Index rebuilds...
If you're not able to play the game on launch day, be sure to check out our community streamers on Twitch! See you at launch!

Yep, that is actually accurate.

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