Extremely Slow Queue Processing

The problem for me isn't the que.... when i do get in i can play for a short time then keep getting timed OUT. It's damn annoying.
The worst thing that normal guys cant even finish acts while streamers farming maps starting to controll all the market. This situation even worse than starting new game on std. No chance to buy anything - when you farm nothing.
Any chances that GGG will restart all the progress? And give us a chance to play in fair economy?
Being level 6 at this moment seems like a league veteran.
see ya next league
I'm hoping u fix those crashes, from entering a new area, in a few hours... it is unbelieveable... i never experienced anything like it.
suittosg wrote:
ScaryAtheist wrote:
They took down the priority queue 4-5 hours ago, so that's no longer an issue.

The fact that a priority queue exists in a competitive gameplay itself is a big issue, much worse than the instability problem!

I just UNSUBSCRIBED from all streamers, all channels, all sites etc...
Worst start league for me ever...

Why GGG don't pause the league for 1-2 days to fix servers?

Game right now is unplayable. :'(

GL&HF when servers are OK again...
Crazy login error continuously and queuing counter
and the best solution is to just stop support ggg or any streamer so stop giving them any money

how many times shuch bullshit has to repeat to invest some money and do sth with servers ?
Not to sound entitled or anything, but the issue is the random time out when changing location.
Trade league is crap when you have people at 76 lvl, and others like me who is barely lvl 10. (And no, I don't have forever to play SSF)

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