Extremely Slow Queue Processing

Well, it's atleast a good thing that the league starts at such a reasonable time so I didn't wait up for this, pushing aside other pla-oh wait no, it hits us at 10 PM in denmark...

I'd love to be supportive and passionate, but right now - I'm fucking livid.
Strawb wrote:
Chaser8 wrote:
you guys are awful, that's it.

I really hope that somehow blizzards nails it with diablo IV. You don't deserve shit

If you think D4 won't have queue times that dwarf PoE, you're unbearably naïve.

are you stupid?

This queue is broken, of course that i actknowledge that diablo will have queues.

I played shadowlands launch and the queues were a lot faster than this bullshit
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Nice to see the queue is processing slowly...after randomly being kicked out of queue at 60k to be thrown back in at 100k.
Well I was in got DC and sitting now at 92k NotLikeThis
Gotta let those streamers get priority tho.

Can't have everyone sitting on login on twitch.

Total bullshit.
Yeah but at least dont make that clear that streamer have priority Quinn login from 40k list right into the game nice GGG.
we are sorry but we will still let big streamers bypass queue .
chaotic neutral
Not again, not like this bro....
Let the malding begin.
can't we play on the mtx servers ? as those seem to be running and maintained better.

but its our fault: never play on patching day.

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