Content Update 3.14.0 -- Path of Exile: Ultimatum

The big crying has began ...
since 3.0 the game has been declared as dead but it is not.
For my part, I'm looking forward to the new league and hope that I like it.

PoE is just a game so relax it won't be that bad ...
I hope at least that PoE doesn't get too close to D3 :)
Fixed a visual bug where the Huntsman Hypnotic Toad Pet wasn't glowing correctly.
- was waiting for this one!
Some of the harvest nerfs were needed but you've only made crafting worse for the poorer people/those who don't play as often.

if you really wanted chaos spamming to be a decent way of crafting you'd have a mod level limit on items so you didn't get as many t9 mods on a high level item (eg, can't roll mods under ilvl:40 on a ilvl:80 base etc)

if you didn't want people to use harvest so much you should have undone the lowering of weighting on the rarer mods so people weren't required to use deterministic methods to get the damn things.

You could lower the cost of the meta crafting mods so poorer people are able to do some crafting without needing 200 exalts just to be able to start.

You've done nothing to make crafting more fun, just harder for those with less time/currency.

You've lowered the ceiling on crafting, sure. but at the expense of raising the floor.
Interesting notes...Well..In my case I might not play BV this league, but there are still plenty of other goodies , especially the new ones could become meta.
- yes we nerf your favorite builds
- it's still OP and delete everything within seconds
- if it's otherwise, sorry maybe you are just noob (or stop being poor)
- we really hope you enjoy the nerf. Now please take out some money from your pocket will ya?

We really hope you enjoy Path of Exile: Ultimatum. Thanks for your support!

My favorite troll from GGG
Paleepower wrote:
Since you seem new, I'll explain what he means, you can corrupt/double corrupt a normal gem that has a Vaal counterpart which can result in it turning into a 21/23 Vaal Gem.

No you can't.... -_-
That would be a result of a triple corrupt, which you can't do.
People are so fast calling others dummies it's hilarious.

Nice nerfs I guess. Carrion golem still works as a minion buffer so all good.
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Did you guys forget that Vaal Glacial hammer is a skill?
Multiple times now in patches when it says "We've looked at all strike skills and gave them improvments" while glacial hammer was untouched. Now again It's Vaal counterpart did not recive anything.
Vaal groundslam got a massive 100% (now 400%) better base dmg to its already huge AoE.
While Vaal Glacial hammer only got a 200% base dmg and to begin with it's a strike skill and it's under performing a lot.
Just wondering if you actually forgot to put anything here or if you've just accepted that the skill should be removed from the players inventory when they reach Lioneyes watch.
Make scion great again..
Exposure nerfs.

Trigger interval from 4 to 8 seconds! This craft is pretty much dead! It was already so hard to time to perfection last time. If we messed the sequence, we have to wait 4 seconds to try and apply WoC and marks on the bosses again.

I hope we get some surprise big buffs on release like PoE2 socketing system. That would justify using Arcanist Brand to apply a long list of buffs now that trigger craft is dead.
a blood bath but as im concerned i just want to play without freezing sgreen at beginning of an encounter to find me ded as game starts agane lol, but anyway GGG <3 you guyz are the best

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