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rip start
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Manjusri wrote:
Defy Pain? So I can one-shot myself every 3 seconds?

The change should be to “12% increased damage with hits and ailments” (assuming corrupted blood is added as an ailment).

I assume this is intended to push the class to use the new blood magic / bleed / corrupted blood skills, but it makes those builds the only options (if they’re even actually viable).

Not good. Not fun.

Corrupted blood IS NOT CONSIDERED BLEEDING (Capped at 10stacks now that WE can use it lmao) some things that removed bleed will still remove Corrupted blood but not all of them.

I never said or implied that corrupted blood was bleeding, so I’m not sure why you made this response to my post. Bleeding is an ailment, however, and both are physical-damage-over-time.

What was not clear at the time I made that post was whether or not they were going to change corrupted blood to be an ailment. It would seem to make sense for them to do so, but given the text of the Corrupting Fever skill gem, it appears that it’s still a “debuf.”

The other new gems also refer to a “physical damage over time debuf” without calling it “corrupted blood,” so that just seems confused or at best overly complicated.

Either way, the point still stands: Reducing those ascendency minor nodes to 10% rather than 12% would seem to make them weaker than almost everything equivalent in the game.
Take my advice. I'm not using it.
with all those changes. as being standard player. rewarding this game is not anymore. this is sad times very very sad.
i saw dream, wilson didnt nerf harvest. he gave me remove life add life 0.05 chance to hit desired mod
What are the chances of getting a specific helmet enchantment from lab now?
Silent nerfs on simulacrum - not 100% for specific unique drop anymore. Also loot from waves is much, much worse. Guess it is too hard to mention basic things?
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Rare monsters dominated by Sirus have had their Attack, Cast Speed and Movement Speed lowered.

Still the worst addition to the game.

One shot my 5k life 7k mana max block Hierophant bricking maps and just another deterrent to endgame.

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