3.13.2 Patch Notes

Revert the shader folder location to within the games install location again, or give people an option to specify where the shaders go.

Shaders for me, now go to "C:\Users\accountname\Documents\My Games\Path of Exile\ShaderCacheVulkan"

Where before it was "P:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Path of Exile\ShaderCacheVulkan"

My C drive is a much slower SSD than the P drive, and this is just dumb in every way. - Imagine people with harddrives as their C: drive.

GGG, patch this asap.
I assume this is well in play on the Devs end, now, but I wanted to add my voice to the choir; the update on 10th seems to have made the game unplayable for me. I have every setting turned to minimum, and I'll still get locked down to 0fps with a latency spike every time a new ability, monster, or area tries to load. Running through my abilities - and thus animations - before I move from the starting block improves this a touch [my own animations don't cause a lag spike, but other creatures will].

I'll admit, this is totally because I'm playing the game on a non-gaming machine from five years ago - but I've been playing on the same dross machine the last few months. While I got the occasional lag-spikes that often dropped me, today it's every time I move. Don't even get me started on when I accidentally walk into a Delirium encounter <shudder>.

I adore this perfect little Skinner Box, so would love to see a minor tweak, if possible.
cropchoc wrote:
scottjl99 wrote:
new M1 user. any way to disable the esc key exiting full screen? very annoying.

Been looking for this too. It's pretty annoying.

So I sort of found a way to disable this. I can use the application Keyboard Maestro (paid application) and set up a macro for ESC to "do nothing". Basically traps the key. Of course this means you can't use it to bring up the game menu either, fortunately shift-ESC still does that (and still exits full-screen) but at least I can't exit on accident any longer.

Other macro type programs might work as well, I don't know, this is the only one I own. Note, I also only set this up for when the application "PathOfExileClient" is in front.

So far it's the only solution I've found. Until GGG fixes it, I'll be stuck using it.
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