New Microtransactions: Stygian Fireball, Dragon Auras and Twisted Skull Totem Effects

Creeping Frost mtx when
How many times are you going to forget to change the ailment color too lmao. Would've instantly bought Stygian fireball since Stygian is my favorite theme, but fucks sake the regular non-Stygian ailment just ruins it.
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I'm embarrassed to ask, but why is the Stygian FireBall blue, and the explosion from it is orange?
Skull totem looks good. But Auras need to be more actual auras rather than floating objects (and beings).
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hmmm poe is changing... but not sure its a healthy change
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Was about to buy points for some MTX and support. After your harvest manifesto i'll find better games to waste money on. Thank you

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Can we get Explosive Trap any love? Stygian Explosive Trap maybe? Celestial?
Looks nice but I really feel like the Fireball also needs a blue ignite. Or overall we need mtx for big effects like ignite, explode or other stuff that otherwise breaks the look of a build

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