New Microtransactions: Stygian Fireball, Dragon Auras and Twisted Skull Totem Effects

no more mtx ggg, thx
sure this is gonna sell well PEEPOSADGE
looks good but bad for my wallet
我說..那個藍色火球!! 為何....
Ye, no more $$ for ya boys. Return to your senses and stop the bs
Maybe. But just maybe. But certainly not today.
taggedjc wrote:
So, Stygian Flame Dash can apply a Stygian-themed ignite to enemies it ignites, despite the fact that Flame Dash is never really used specifically to hit enemies since it's typically just a movement skill that happens to sometimes pop a weak enemy and leaves some okay ground degen for things chasing you, but Stygian Fireball, a skill themed around applying a big ignite, applies the default red fire ignite.

Yeah, no. I've been waiting for years for a fireball cosmetic but this one is a hard pass until it can apply a matching burn effect.
Yep, I will never understand how they continue to repeat this design oversight with so many of their MTX.
Please guys, introduce some Exalted Slam Microtransactions in the style of the recent Exalted Holy Relic: Exalted Earthquake, Exalted Earthshatter, Exalted Ice Crash. Those 3 would be nice to begin with!

Golden Spikes popping off the ground with exalted orbs on the tips maybe?
Love the aura!
Creeping Frost mtx when

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