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New Microtransactions: Stygian Fireball, Dragon Auras and Twisted Skull Totem Effects

taggedjc wrote:

Yeah, no. I've been waiting for years for a fireball cosmetic but this one is a hard pass until it can apply a matching burn effect.

Yeah I don't get it.
Shock gets matching shock effect, but burning doesn't?
Flame Dash too, ahem.

What the heck man.
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I'd consider buying more blue flame effects IF the resulting ignite was also blue...
Oh come on!
[Removed by Support]
Hey GGG. If the skill color is blue, the effects of it should be the same color. It's like the white/grayish cremation MTX but the balls explosion is red.

I wonder why you keep selling mismatched colors.
GGG, really?

Tell you what, I'll buy the fireball for 10 points and you don't have to change the ignite coloring. Though, even if you do change it, I ain't paying more than 50 points.
Goddamn. Dragon aura o.o
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why the blue fireball mtx no leave blue ignite sadge
xbox poe.. where people want exalts for junk items ¯\_༼ ಥ ‿ ಥ ༽_/¯
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Wow, first Harvest nerf and now more mtx? nah...

And, is there a reason to release single dragon AND dual dragon?

Too soon............ to soon GGG.

Asking for support after what you just did with Harvest. Maybe try asking when poe4.0 comes out, cause you know, that's going to fix everything.

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