Development Manifesto: Harvest Crafting

Yes i saw it !
Azarhiel wrote:

PoE is a giant casino at this point, not a game anymore...

I totally agree with you, this casino is tired of.
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me no english
this no good
me start cry
This is really bad. You are ruining the average player's experience with harvest.

I am a slightly higher than average player. I have earned, give-or-take, 60 ex since the start of the league.
I have been actively trying to get more harvests for the entire ritual league, I have had some near GG* (*for average players) non-influenced boots ever since the first week. I STILL haven't been able to edit the 1 junk stat on it.

With these changes, I will never bother crafting my own end-game gear. Instead, I will just grind out currency and then try to buy it from others. GGG, you are making crafting pointless for players like me.

You are BARELY affecting the 1%, this is equivalent to adding a flat 5% tax rate to everyone. 5% of my networth is more impactful than 5% of the top earners networth. It prevents me from making a GG thing period...and prevents them from making 10 GG things, now they only can make 9
Hello Chris,

I want to tell you about my thinkings about harvest.
Was it a really mighty crafting option? Oh yes.
But does it actually make fun for the big majority of player, that are getting one or two exhalts in a month to use them for crafting? Nope.
I am one of those real unlucky players. At my PoE start, I used my exhalts and tried to craft, but I had to recognize very fast, it is dumb to make this, because the outcome of crafting is not worth to the worth of the exhalts to find at all. Better store them in box until it is enough to buy by trade, what I would make me poor, if I would try to craft.
I am 56 years old and have played a lot of games, but PoE is for me, the hardest to learn game of all times. Monkey island or the tentacles were easy to solve the riddles, but PoE is deep.
So just for info, in all the times since I began PoE I may have found about 50 ex. In all those years. To use an ex to craft is like, shoot myself in the butt.
After two or three leagues I missed because the game is so big by all the mechanics, that I played some month the other game. Easy to play, no need to craft and droprates so high, you will get geared up, even if you are not looking for it.
But it was this too easy what brought me to PoE and brings me back.
Then I discovered harvest, Dude, damn that is exactly what I needed. Finally I could craft and have fun with crafting without the pain in the butt. So when I heard of the nerf, I started to run as much maps to find harvest, even in standard to make my old characters better, before the chance to do so, will be taken away. Back to blues and saving currency for trade.
I can understand your manifest, but can you understand me?
PoE is not a young game anymore, so why not let us have the fun like the streamers and their never ending ex in their boxes with crafting, even we would do so in harvest. You can make PoE2 other, but please let us more than the minimalistic harvest crafts that you want to give us.

If it would be easier to actually grind my items, I would not say a word, but with the monster RNG it is very rare to find a real nice item by killing monsters and looting. So with damn drop rates and expensive as f.. crafting, Harvest was like the sunshine in a cloudy game.
I imagine there are others like me, who would like to craft much more, but not having the streamers luck and currency.
Seeing them making fun crafting and gambling for the worth of hundreds ex, and then noticing that this will never happen for me, is not fine.
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regression, this nerf looks like blizzard mentality.
Was going to finally try my hand at crafting consistently because of harvest but now I can't. Nobody wants an exalt slam
What Harvest you want to see in upcoming 3.14?
Voting is in progress now on Reddit.
You can vote on reddit:
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Obright wrote:
You might be surprised to see the number of people who actually support this change. Players get tunnel vision. They see only their perspective and assume it is shared by all.

You know what would really surprise me? ...If GGG made an official poll asking whether people wanted this change or not, because the only logical assumption you can make after reading this thread is that the vast majority of players are diametrically opposed to gutting harvest crafting.

Not a bad idea actually. And you are likely right, and a majority of people are opposed to it. But then it becomes a matter of "why are they opposed to it"? From my experience, PoE was never targeted at casual gamers.

Do I think the casual players should be ignored? Fuck no. But do I think the game should be tailored around them? A bigger fuck no. But that is just my opinion.

Unfortunately, the reasons as to why or why not are just as important as the yes or no, and the why and why nots are not as easily measured.
MSI MPG X570 Gaming EDGE Wifi
Ryzen 7 5800X // Corsair iCUE H115i
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