Development Manifesto: Harvest Crafting

we're not forced to play the league or the game guys, but i would still prefer if they wouldn't gut harvest, remove it or don't , or just make the mods that helps gg craft much more rare. Was realy nice for once that i didn't have to gamble with my time for items that usualy suck anyways after league is done, for once in this league i actualy made an item or two i would pick up in standard, if i were ever play that. We've limited time in leagues to enjoy our builds because you boiz usualy destroy the popular ones anyways :D i wouldn't mind if the standard folks didn't get to perfect their already gg items, and league players would got to enjoy an un gutted harvest, so there is actualy a why to play league besides challenges and stuff.

Blood and Glory!
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Just repeating what others have mentioned.

Since this opinion piece, because I don't feel it deserves the title given, was released I've also had no desire to log into the game, knowing anything I'm currently working on in prep for final Harvest crafting ins standard will never happen.

I don't even have the desire to log in for a 50ex sale from a forum PM. ..

JediWabbit wrote:
I don't even have the desire to log in for a 50ex sale from a forum PM. ..

That will be x50 times excitement of closing your eyes :)))))))
Thanks god they are nerfing harvest.
mortecouye wrote:
jzhan92 wrote:
i bought 200 bucks worth of supporter packs this season, cuz i think GGG did it a great job for 3.13,
guess ill be a f2p player in 3.14.
thanks GGG. why do you keep nerf things that are fun .

yeah so fun to get perfect gear in 2 days and ruining league

If you had perfect gear after 2 days, you were playing standard.
Making perfect items is insanely difficult and this league was simply a little easier because EVERYONE had the tools to take part and the knowledge with which to do it. The only option after this nerf is to get rich/lucky and pray to RNG. That's not fun.

We don't pick up most items on the floor in maps. Why is that? Because the shit RNG on the item rolls makes it a colossal waste of time. The same is true for using chaos orbs, exalts, annuls and so on.

Early league, Harvest is just not a reliable source of crafts so players tend to use currency to craft more during the early league until there are better options. This was the case before harvest.
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I was upset with this nerf (:
Beta tester Path of Nerf 👀
Nerfs are bad, spread the love to other crafting systems.
crafted once more my bow.

prefix cannot be changed and slammed chaos tryed to get bow attacks +2 arrows

after around 500ex try. nothing. best i got was hibryd crit multi crit chance with double damage speed mod. both tier 2

but im not average player. and im very dissapointed even with current harvest crafting.

christ wilson actualy wanted to say they remove remove add influence harvest crafts. that would have made more sense. want make game play slower ? go for it. you lose more players

i want to roam maps fast as fak. but not in tier 1.
fk archnemesis.
I've thought about this manifesto many times since it was posted and have to say I still hate the changes.

Harvest was a godsend for me and my friend group who prefer a small, private league. We do not want to trade. Harvest allowed us to fix gear and have a real shot at crafting something useful.

Please reconsider gutting it thusly.

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