3.13.1c Patch Notes Preview

Been noticing the invisible monsters during a ritual encounter bug, and not just with conqueror monsters. Had several where I just randomly had to run around the map attacking until I finally hit something, got a health bar to show, then attacked the health bar until it died and *poof* the ritual ends. Very annoying to see nothing on screen, but ritual is still going. Happens in about 1/2 of the rituals I've done recently. Love the league, despise the invisible monster bug. Texture loading is still a bit off for me too, especially in delirium as mentioned.
Antigegner wrote:
loading screens are still too long even with ssd

try use the vulkan is the only way

Finnien wrote:
That's nice and all, but...

Ritual rewards feel worthless. Is there any plan, at all, to make a change to, say, guaranteeing 4 rituals and making rewards more consistenly rewarding? Maybe make splinters a drop and not a purchase, so it doesn't feel punishing when you buy vessels, use them, and get a pile of junk with nothing to spend the points on?

i think the ritual reward are fine... i got like 10 exalteds, a empower lv 3, some benchhead maps, 40 blight maps, and u can target what u want do (buy maps, heists, legion stuff, etc) i think the reroll cost too much 2k is a lot but the reward is ok for a free bonuses in the end of the map
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Fixed a bug where Ballista Totems and Spell Totems were incorrectly calculating their life based on the level of the supported Skill Gem, rather than the level of their Support Gem.

Well that explains why my Wither Totems have been dying so fast. I had given up even casting them.
Whats with the harvest Spawnrate?
No improve or fix for textures streaming?. The game on console Is unplayable (xsx and ps5)
The Obtain Ritual Base Types challenge now requires you to exchange Tribute for 9 out of 27 Ritual Base Types.

Will this grant the challenge done for people with over 5/9+ bases? because this is one of the worst challenges this league.

I'm on 7/9 after many many maps.
"Parade your victories, hide your defeats. Mortals are so insecure."

https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2933680 3.11 "technical" patch btw 16 gb and then another 13 gb in 3.13 the loading issues are still as if the "technical" patch was never even in the game.

Chapter: XXV.
Wow, thanks for fixing so many bugs.
I think the boss interactions and Ritual encounters will bring a huge QOL for players.
i prefer seeing textures load than waiting for 20 sec on loading screen tbh, otherwise all good :)
im_a_manatee wrote:
are you gonna fix the graphics memory leaks and the fact that a 300 dollor ssd cant even load the game?

Sounds like a you problem if you're still having this issue since textures were fixed. Also no one cares about the price of your SSD so kinda weird to even bring it up.

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