3.13.1c Patch Notes Preview

Texture streaming has to go, watching everything be black squares or orange traffic cones cause you kill stuff faster then the services can handle leads to piss pure experinece and just kills the fun of being well geared.
Grekey wrote:
Thx guys people were getting mad out there, hope this will fix the issues some have been getting since the texture updates and the trade site updating delays. Hated people undercutting each other to sell theirs, when the others were not even on sale, but already sold, simply still listed on the site, making innocent people into price fixers and having to go on Dnd just to not get bombarded by request for an item they already sold and making them question if they sold it for the right price or not.

I still have MASSIVE problems with the texture streaming if a map has delirium in any form. The texture stream seems to load like every bulb where you can spawn mobs from as a single entity.

Even worse when you have beyond on it too.

Until you started with the texture streaming I could play with everything maxed. Now I need to set everything to off/low to be even able to play.

Please please do something about it and let us opt out of texture streaming until it finally works.

your not the only one.... i hate this texture streaming with a passion, we need an option to turn it off
>Fixed a bug where certain monsters could remain stationary during Ritual encounters.
>Fixed a bug where certain Conqueror-influenced monsters could be invisible during Ritual encounters.

Thank you. These were my 2 biggest issues with Ritual. Past that, it's been a pretty good league so far.

Now, please fix texture loading and game stuttering. It's gotten significantly worse this league compared to others.
"Reduce the life of T4 harvest bosses"
Ho nice, i may finally kill them with my 2m dps + 3 totems build under 10 minutes XD.
is it intended that every ritual have a Lightning Mirage and/or Storm Herald mob? Even with capped resists and a shocked flask those mobs are deadly in a small area when they can't be targeted. If they're in a proximity shield then it's pretty much a 'Tell my wife and kids I loved them' moment.
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loading screens are still too long even with ssd

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That's nice and all, but...

Ritual rewards feel worthless. Is there any plan, at all, to make a change to, say, guaranteeing 4 rituals and making rewards more consistenly rewarding? Maybe make splinters a drop and not a purchase, so it doesn't feel punishing when you buy vessels, use them, and get a pile of junk with nothing to spend the points on?


Trade is functionally broken. Everyone has to be aware of this by now. The trade delay is bad enough, but price fixers exacerbate the issue by an incredible degree. People listing items en masse with no intention of selling them is breaking the system, something that always occurred but never to such a pervasive degree. Is there ANYTHING being done/planned/discussed to help fight scammers, price fixers, and their ilk? Or is it just 'suck it up, exile' and ignore the issue?

I guess if enough people get disgusted with trading and move to SSF, that'll solve the server load issue too. Maybe that's the strategy at this point.

Right now, I feel like the silence on these two issues is deafening, and it's more than discouraging at this point.
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Nice! Hopefully the game won't crash anymore randomly during maping. Keep it up GGG
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Great job!

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