[3.13] Peak life Necromancer -- 12k life, 7k+ regen/sec, delete everything

Hello Guys,
I am messing with a variant of this build atm. I have played a couple of league ago with a similar setup, it's nothing new.

I will post you my setup if it can help or give idea to some of you.

Short version =

Weapon = Zombie - Awake Multistrike - Awake Brutal - Aawake Melee Phys - Empower 4 - Impale

Helmet = Animated Guardian - Spectre 21 - Meatshield - Blood Magic

Boots = Dread Banner - Awake Generosity - Pride - Convocation

Glove = lvl 16 Divergent Dash - Carrion Golem - Feeding Frenzy - Minion Life
( if i get another socket ring for my Divergent Dash i would prob use meatshield here also for the Golem)

Ring - Flesh and Stone

Aura = Pride - Flesh and Stone - Aspect of the Avian - Dread Banner

For most of the item there is nothing new, same old same old...

Where i go another route is with the aura, and the movement skills...

I actually us the aspect of the Avian from the weapon it give us and minion speed and a pretty good dps boost

I used a lvl 16 Divergent Dash for movement skill it's pretty expensive around 5ex) but it give us phasing and the speed we are missing ( you will most likely need to use Astrementis Amulet to reach the dex needed but the QoL is huge

I wish i could use second wind support also but my socket are full i will explain next.

I have put a minion life with my Carrion Golem with Feeding Frenzy because i do not want to have to re summon him because my mana wont be available.

I went with Sovereignty in the passive tree to reduced my mana reservation so i could use Flesh and Stone.

So for my aura i use Pride- Flesh and Stone - Aspect of the Avian - Dread Banner

I have dropped Vitality, we are tanky enough to not use the extra life regen IMO, but it's a mather of playstyle preference.

For the Spectre i use - 2 X Carnage Chieftane - Arena Master and a Host Cheiftane

My animated Guardian setup - Victario boots, Belly of the beast , King maker, rare glove with Vulnerability on hit, Festival leer mask

Anyone have a video of this build in action? Maybe some T16 mapping and Sirus.
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Pantheon recommendations? Was thinking physical Lunaris/Solaris and maybe Shakari?
Aventhia wrote:
Pantheon recommendations? Was thinking physical Lunaris/Solaris and maybe Shakari?

I use Lunaris and Ralakesh since i'm always moving... Shakari is not a big use to me since i'm chaos resist cap
Here is a quick update

I have bought a Baron with 30% reduced mana reservation for Flesh and stone, i have put a Enlighted 4 so now i save my point i had on Sovereignty and i put them back to %life

I have also got a second socketed ring for my convocation

So now i can put Second wind support with my Divergent Dash.. i can dash like crazy and i have 62 mana left ( the exact amout i need to resummon my Carrion when he died... cause he his dying without minion life)

So i can use Pride - Aspect of the Avian - Dread Banner - Flesh and stone without allocating point in reduced mana reservation.

So at level 94 i'm at 9800 life and the defence from Flesh and Stone is pretty big in sand stance (plus you can switch in Blood stance on boss so you do more damage)

Spectres = Carnage - Host - Arena Master - Diablotist for Enfeeble

OH and one last thing ....

For those who want more clear speed, when you are confortable with the build, swap Brutality with Melee Splash.. i use that for general t16 mapping and delve.. it wayyyyyy faster and itcost nothing.. an Awakened Melle Splash level 3 cost me 35 Chaos
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This is my setup. I still don't get how do you have 4th spectre?
upd got it, its death attunement.

What can i improve here?
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Yes it was Death Attunement... Choose your specter wisely Arena Master from Drox Map is huge buff.

Your gear have alot of place for improvement, no Chaos Res, alot of life missing of some pieces, you build is just starting to take form !
I do not have Youtube video, but i will stream a bit today if you guys want to see my version of the build in action


Build has been an interesting change of pace, thanks for sharing. I went for more ehp with a timeless jewel (only takes ~3 points) so am sitting at ~13k ehp, 1169 str.

My deeps feel a little low though. Any improvements before doing awakened gems?

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