[3.13] Peak life Necromancer -- 12k life, 7k+ regen/sec, delete everything

Pheu wrote:
Thanks for the guide, even tho I find it very "minimalistic" sometimes.

Last question, why do I have only 3 spectres? Gem is lvl 21 socketed in Baron + Unnatural Strenght ascendancy point.

If u want 4th spectre use Death Attunement instead of Golem's Blood anointment.
Have to say , this build is wayyy more than what i thought it was :D I was playing some random spectre build before trying this one out and gotta say ... This build is quite insane . At first i followed the guide 100% and i did get some results , but felt way too tanky for the content i was doing and felt i needed more ''speed'', so i did some improv changes to it. Got far from perfect items , but have been able to do juiced up t12-14 maps quite easily.

Basically the idea was to squeze in one more proper aura instead of Vitality since this build has insane amount of regen as it is . So had to sacrifice some Max life for Sovereignty and that just perfectly lets me fit in Vaal Haste. For some OnDemand burst. But then the issue was that i dont have enough Dex for it , so instead of %str rare neck i used Astramentis. Once that's done i got a decent Vulnerability on hit ring , and i used Blade vortex to self cast it once in a while to proc it , and since we stand in melee most of the time anyways cuz of Pride , this works out quite well .
Then on top of that i used 6L The Queen's Hunger for free offerings and some life. In those links i put in my spectre's with all the basic deffensive supports and a lvl 3 empower with blood magic just so i could get that 3'rd spectre and infinite mana for them. Running Host Chieftain , Carnage Shieftain , for Frenzy and Power charges and one Arena Master for his buff , and since they do use Mana to cast those , blood magic basically lets them spam the buffs on cd .
So all in all the haste aura and offerings help insanely for clear, you dont even get hit cuz everything melts before you even come close to them. AG is tanky Af and doesnt ever die , Spectres are tanky Af and never die , Zombies are tanky AF and never .... Guess what , you are tanky as well and never die as well. Running with 8k life atm at lvl 90 . so pretty sure 9-9.5 k life is doable at lvl 100 .
Sorry for the long post , just wasnted to share my opinion and my experiance on what worked for me , and maybe it will give some of you ideas as well. Thanks for an insane build, i am loving it.

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love this build but if the biggest problem is clear time i.e. speed why not use smoke mine instead of flame dash. It also blinds targets and with convocation you can bring minions in? Im a poe noob just wondering?
hey mate , i have 1 question you said that avian is not supposed to be at your build, but if we want can we somehow add it ? because i dont have enough mana to do this. Any ideas? thanks in advance!
I think I've maxed the build at this point, was lots of fun.

Here's my end game gear:

Went with death attunement for more dps. Life is at 10.2k without golem blood.

hey mate , I have 1 question you said that avian is not supposed to be at your build, but if we want can we somehow add it ? because I dont have enough mana to do this. Any ideas? thanks in advance!

FYI - With my amy and helm I got enough mana to run with avian.

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Is it advisable to use violent dead in this build?
Friend, can you add "Zombies" or anything similar to your title?
I played this build in Ritual and liked it a lot!

Is there any chance this build guide will be updated for the new league?
Hey, do you guys think this could be run in SSF/group-found? I suppose the only mandatory item is Baron, correct?
Dunno though if zombies are efficient without it...
Will u update this build for 3.14?
I really want to try it!
Thank you!!

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