3.13.1b Patch Notes

Well, I now have a really, really long loading time.
And I found a significant performance drop when I faced some encounters such as legion or habinger.

Crash when loading Oriath, crash after playing map for 3 minutes with 99% memory usage.

Before the patch? everyhting was fine.

I crashed 5 times on loading screen in 1 hour since the patch!
I wish you would just leave sometimes not loading textures alone, i had much better experience before this patch, now every map/ hideout loads 10sec+, constant freezes and lags while playing. I'm on ssd. Just revert this patch performance wise pls, it's horrible now.
Far more unplayable for me than before this patch. When I first got it, things were great for like 1 map. Since then when i do delerium, legion, etc my game will become a slide show. Restarting seems to help for a map at a time. May be done with this until a fix is in place as this is terrible.
Texture Streaming is no longer relied on for the initial loading of textures. Instead the loading screen stays up until the scene is ready to render, with Texture Streaming used where necessary to keep frame rate high when loading unexpected assets during gameplay.

Fantastic. Zero problems so far, initial load into Oriath is about 1 second longer - barely noticeable.
So we are trading Super Nintendo graphics for long enough that i can take a nap, loading times...

Can we get Heist League performance back please? Or Delirium League working Vulkan?
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I am trying really hard to comprehend why a big game like this decided to release a patch that can potentially ruin the game for thousands of people?

All my friends have the same memory leak issue.

For what? To appease Reddit? Let's say 5 out of 50 people had streaming issues, well now there's like 40 out of the same 50 people that has memory leak, mini freezes, random big freezes, high loading times and worse FPS.

How about a button "would you like to have it like before or after" option? The game ran perfectly fine. And if it ran ok on my 6+ year old PC, it should run ok for everyone.

Oh well, time to watch a movie, good luck on fixing. No point in playing and dying to freezes/unable to even play a Youtube video simultaneous because PoE has almost all my 8GB of ram in usage.
ummmm, please fix whatever you just did
new patch xD

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