3.13.1b Patch Notes

Game crashing way more often than before Patch!
First map in loading screen, in the map itself and in loading screen to HO crashed. Next map again in loading screen crash.... is unfortunately worse than before
Well new patach, i got like 10 crashes since 20 min, every 2 min in Simalacrum its geeting me crash, memory use inceased so much that game took memory from my system, and i got like 10fps. Before patch, game was smooth and nothing happend. Thanks ggg.
any try play with dx11 with ryzen stuff? it's they fix the "memory problem"
these new loading screens between maps sure are sexy
Xenithos wrote:
BlackCrow wrote:
Do you have eta for the Arcane Surge fix?

Wait. What is wrong with arcane surge?

When multiple instances of arcane surge are applied, the strongest one is supposed to override any weaker ones.

Right now though, the Hierophant ascendancy's arcane surge on hit (which is level 1) will override any other arcane surge you have, no matter the level.

This is a major issue for any builds taking Mind over Matter, because levels on an arcane surge gem drastically increase survivability.

This overriding is not happening 100% of the time, but when you get the lvl1 buff, the higher level one does not override this and you're stuck with the low level one until it expires.
Texture Streaming is no longer relied on for the initial loading of textures. Instead the loading screen stays up until the scene is ready to render, with Texture Streaming used where necessary to keep frame rate high when loading unexpected assets during gameplay.

Hey GGG can we get option in Options for that ? Full texture streaming like in 1st iteration it worked quite well for me and reduced my loading times by about half comparing to 3.12 now they are almost as long as in 3.12

I would be more than happy to send you diagnostic/telemetry data if I can get that option =]

PS. Command line argument for that would be just fine as well!
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Experiencing considerably longer load times (by a factor of 10 or more for certain instances) as well as degraded performance during play in the form of regular stutters.

This was a huge step back in performance, for me at least.
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Game now crashes / times out during loading screen rather than in-game...
i am not happy with this new patch. im playing with someone that did not do restart yet and plays on client before patch. the loading screens are 3x longer now for me and im running on top of the line hardware 5950x ryzen and nvidia 3080. the long load times make the game feel realy unoptimized. some more testing needs to be done for sure. worst patch i have experienced in some time performance wise... :(

other than that i still love the game. its undisputed in its genre but please.. this can be done better ;)
ty GGG for ur work!
keep do good work as always <3

and pls ban bots!
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