3.13.1b Patch Notes

After the patch game is playable for me again!
The problem with stuttering and dcing just gone, great work!
The longer load times is not an issue for me, but during the time spent loading textures, the game is frozen. It can sometimes take so long, Windows marks it as app not responding.
Texture streaming:

It was great - everything was loading instantly, I didn't give a fuck that shit was pixelated for a few seconds. I literally forgot that loading screens even exist, it was saving so much time... Now I'm fucking sad and disappointed, because they are back. And it's painful to go back to them. Shit was so fast before...

Thnx, random fucking reddit crybabies. That's why we can't have nice things.

Make it an adjustable option in the settings, like everything else important - everyone wins. I don't understand why you didn't yet... Just do it.


/E: Hmmm...
Well, ok, never mind, I guess, to a degree... Stuff loads very fast (not as fast as it did before though), very nice, only exception being towns full of mtx obviously...
But I still think this should be an option in the settings :P
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Texture Streaming is no longer relied on for the initial loading of textures. Instead the loading screen stays up until the scene is ready to render, with Texture Streaming used where necessary to keep frame rate high when loading unexpected assets during gameplay.

lol, this actually sounds like an april fool. Now I have loading screens longer than ever before, even back the time I used --waitforpreload

It feels a bit like the old amiga days, when playing games from floppy disks. Good job, its pretty nostalgic xD

Please just remove this texture streaming technology again until its working, its just ruin the game.
nevermind. all well now. keep up the great work.

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great patch, the game works good as it was before streaming textures
Thank you for this patch! I have played for over 4h without crash and any performance issues! Best news for Ryzen owners like me. Good job :)
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Hello, I play on PS4.

Things were bad before when playing busy rituals, glitchy, laggy and difficult.

Now, not only rituals but boss fights are lagging to a point of strong, choppy glitched frames, I'm afraid that you'll break my playstation soon, I can literally feel my engine crashing asif I'm driving an old car. Whatever is happening, it feels extreme.

I seriously suggest you quickly review what you've just changed and be honest with yourselves about whatever it is you're ignoring, if you don't understand what that means then I suggest you acknowledge that you don't really understand what you're doing.

You're going to end up in a much worse position with your customers if you carry on like this.
Hello, I would like to update on my previous post, it seems quite clear that the predominant reason for the extreme problems is when using the skeletal army whenin rituals or boss fights, it is extreme and it is serious (there is also a comparatively extreme loading lag right now ((however understandable)) but these problems are in mo way as bad as I had initially stated and regardless you have done and do do wonderful work, so thank you and sorry. Good on you Kieron for everything you do and go through.

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