Texture Streaming in Echoes of the Atlas

well iam using a i5 9400f 16gb ram and gtx 1660 super and a 480gb ssd
and today the loadscreen was really big (directx 11) i changed to the vulkan the game is fine now (the game was fine yesterday)
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Me: Glad I got a SSD to improve load times.

GGG: Hold my beer.
I started the hoho movement.

Moderators are absurd.
so a week and a half of long load times, laggy game play, blurry images, invisible mobs, crashing during startup load in and still the devs can't find the problem but new mtx's and talent competitions which involve money are running right on schedule thanx ggg on showing the player base which is more important.
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playing door opening league 4 month in a row and waiting for something big because cibershit2077
but now after last "hotfix"
this game not being playable at all 2 fps without textures
ty for your work
you dont listen your community and you will lose it like blizzard
my game running MUCH better so please dont listen to idiots and keep texture steaming
Had to quit league while waiting on an update. Only time I have had freezing issues in the past was incursions in Betrayal, which was an acknowledged issue at the time. Every single league since then has been buttery smooth. If I died, I knew it was my fault.

Now maps take forever to load, I die often to invisible monsters or coloured shapes that are not loaded properly. If Siri’s enters a map I get a 5 second freeze and die. If a conqueror appears, the same, betrayal the same, I won’t even mention Harvest or blight - holy hell. Just running around the mine encampment and every few seconds my character will freeze for a half second before continuing to move.

Not sure why this was released at the start of a league, but it is causing misery for quite a number of players.
tradash99 wrote:
my game running MUCH better so please dont listen to idiots and keep texture steaming

Hey dude, very happy you are having fun and it works, but some people are not. This doesn’t make them idiots. Please try to stay respectful. I think most people would love this to be optional. If it works better for you, great, turn it on. If it kills your performance, no worries, turn it off.
Make it optional to on or off texture streaming.
"There are various other reports of bad performance that are being attributed to Texture Streaming but we believe are not related. Those performance problems are real, and we are investigating them on a case-by-case basis, but they are being conflated with texture streaming when they are actually just unrelated engine issues that we need to identify and fix."

When are we going to get some form of update on this issue. This is the first patch where the game is damn near unplayable for me. I can barely force myself to even play through the acts. Constant FPS spikes down to 10-5fps from around 90 when just engaging in packs of monsters in the acts.

I've played this game for so long and almost always done 36+ challenges but im close to quitting the game if this doesnt get resolved quickly. Or are you just going to ignore a huge portion of people and just keep a skeleton crew working on this patch while 95%+ work on next expansion?
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atleast now feel better
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