Texture Streaming in Echoes of the Atlas

Ty for taking the time to write this.

It's nice to see that this feature is going to be improved.

I'm eager to play PoE2 it looks impressive and more dynamic with the new gem system.

Best of luck!
What a weird league performance wise.

For me, when the league first released it ran great for a few days. Then a few days later I was lagging/stuttering/slide showing so bad it became unplayable, so I stopped playing until they had a fix for it. 3.13.1 came out, saying they fixed the texture streaming, so I started playing again, and it ran great again.

Now, today, the performance is even worse. I tried to grit my teeth through a map hoping the issue would resolve itself, and I was lagging so bad and performance was so shit that my fps would constantly dip into the single digits multiple times a second, turning it into a slide show, even with numerous textures and monsters not loading, and multiple times completely freezing for 20-30 seconds. 5 times the game froze so long I got kicked out of the game. This was just trying to do 1 map. The load screen times are also way longer.

As a complete novice, I've been speculating that this texture streaming has caused a memory leak somewhere; or maybe certain textures are messed up in some way where certain areas load fine, and others like shit; or maybe the streaming from host to client isn't working right for everyone, since some people can play fine and others can't, and people like me, have the game run fine sometimes and like shit other times.

Who the hell knows. What's aggravating is GGG pushing this out onto their customers without fully testing it themselves, or reverting the change until they figure out the worst problems, expecting us to bug test stuff that makes the game unplayable. It's really unprofessional.
Well, I guess it would help if GGG wont force all players to be beta testers of their "Ideas". We maybe accept that in terms of balance.

Chris said on GDC how important it is that the players get the best possible product of PoE when its available as an argument for not holding back stuff for a later release.

This logic works in 2 directions. But right now, in terms of quality - we are all forced to be stupid beta testers for a half-baked system. Again: no one cares if its texture streaming or sth. else. The game quality is worse than it was in heist (which should be a huge and loud allert for you) and even worse than that in harvest.

Why making the game worse and call it important improvements for the future? Killing PoE can't be good for PoE2!
Didnt have any Problems with Texture loading and stuttering while playing or starting the Game.
Now there is Texture Streaming and i got:
Longer loading Times when zoning and even stuttering after.

So the new System isnt doing what it is there for and everything got worse.

Operating System
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Intel Core i5 8600K @ 3.60GHz 36 °C
Coffee Lake 14nm Technology
32,0GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1067MHz (15-15-15-36)
Micro-Star International Co. Ltd. Z370 GAMING PLUS (MS-7B61) (U3E1) 39 °C
AG273QS4R4 (2560x1440@144Hz)
8176MB ATI AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT (MSI)
931GB Crucial CT1000P1SSD8 (Unknown (SSD))
Optical Drives
No optical disk drives detected
Realtek High Definition Audio
Operating System
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
so with this you made the game worst. before patch i didnt have any shuttering at all, now i experience shuttering (not always) while textures are loading. The load times are 10 times longer then before this league. the heck, game needs to load map 4 times longer then i need to load map on Cyberpunk2077 on ultra quality.

you have ruined something
The game used to run fine for me, now I have to let it sit in a map before I start combat.

Enemies pop in now, that super not fun.

I understand texture streaming, a lot of games do this and gain huge performance boosts out of it, but a lot of those titles are built with it in mind. I just feel like this was not a well-tested feature to launch with the league.

As it stands I am unable to do red tier+ maps with enemies pop ins and the game hanging up/crashing.

I really wish I could enjoy he content this game has to offer this league, but I can't.

Played since launched this is the first time I've had major performance issues (I'd take /oos over this nonsense)
Please make it and option to toggle Texture Streaming On or Off since not all are experiencing the intended purpose of that feature.
I just logged in today for the first time in a couple weeks, and everything in the game except the UI is permanently blurry - the 3D objects in the menus, the characters in the selection screen, and everything in the game! I've spent like 10 min. in the game waiting to see if the textures would load or some other issue would resolve itself over time, but nothing changes. I've tried changing all of the graphics settings in the game and even restarting the computer, but nothing helped. This is on a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Early 2013, 8GB RAM) running 10.15.7.
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It's slower than ever to load and my video card (RT 2080!) runs so hot it shuts down now.

Whatever you are doing, please stop.
A few suggestion here.

1. during the party event, 6 man party especially, i notice that if your party member is out of your realm, the frame rate is terrible bad, i suggest developer to add in an option that we can create Public Party with a realm option (eg. Singapore, Australia, Texas and so on).

2. MTX i believe is the nightmare for those party host which have low PC spec (even myself is barely play with i5 3470k + SSD +16gb ram + GTX 1060). I hope developer can add in an option to disable MTX effect in a party run, so things go smooth.

3. Add in option on job restriction when create a public parties. I am sorry to say this for those who play minion build.

I was start with golem build when 3.13 started, at the end my PC will auto shut down when doing mapping. So no choice i am back to those build less graphic consuming like miner.

Thanks for consideration.
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