Texture Streaming in Echoes of the Atlas

Can we please go back to two years ago GGG? Textures this league are worse than they've ever been :(
Invisible mobs, invisible walls, invisible spells, game looks like 20 years old, 15 fps, please fix?

You cannot have the same version for a PC and for consoles, that just won't work.
People with modern PCs basically saw no real improvements from this at least I didn't everything was fine before now I just get some assets that refuse to load at all.

From technical point of view I can only see degradation in the last year, not "improvements" of any kind. In Ultimatum the game has become basically unplayable at high level content, Vulkan and DX both. Worse lag than last year, worse stuttering, worse texture streaming, poorer performance in every aspect.

I have games like Doom Eternal running at 80 fps on my machine consistently, yet this mess of a game shows no signs of remorse whatsoever. Not sure what you guys been working on to improve but the effect is the opposite of what it was meant to achieve.
Bumping this post since GGG has still not fixed this, nothing new has been revealed in 5 months since this was put out there to appease us. Highly likely my post will get removed by a mod since they cannot accept criticism. But imo we need to be reminding them that the game needs to be made playable first and then worry about selling us mtx or nerfing mechanics to force us to grind longer so that it makes it seem like there's a lot to do in the game currently.

A LOT of us still facing these performance issues, I have a right to voice my concerns about a product I've funded.
At least for me last patch actually did fix most of the problems i had.

If texture streaming got broken this league, why not just relaunch Harvest? or Delirium? or Ritual? Ritual v2, eh sorry, I meant Ultimatum, isn't worth playing past grabbing the challenges anyway.
hey GGG pull out your fingers !!!!

personally my boycott will be :
- less play time
- no support by buying microtransaction

Until definitely fixed and/or removed.

Texture streaming is the worst thing in the game ...


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Just give us the option to disable texture streaming jfc.

90% of my deaths comes from invisible mob/dot ground effect. Do you think this is fun??

I'm running 6900xt this shouldn't be happening when I can play CP2077 at a very SMOOTH fps.
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In Ultimatum the game has become basically unplayable at high level content... not good

also challenges and boss become worse when it NEVER shown up!
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