Texture Streaming in Echoes of the Atlas

atleast now feel better
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Let's hope they gonna do smth in next patch, Still can't belive i type this, but maybe i will be surprised.
I am not one to complain a lot, but this league is impossible for the poor boys to play, I am experiencing crashes while I just walk, look I played the whole delirium
Giving my opinion about what's been happening so far...

I've been playing PoE since essence league and aside from a few patches (Most notably one from delirium where I would crash every time I had a pack explosion from heralds), I never really had any issues with fps and stuttering.

Bought a new computer, comes 3.13, the game became simply unplayable to me, every time I enter into a map, there are missing textures which takes a long time to load and even after being inside the map for more than five minutes, I see the textures RELOADING even though I already went into that specific spot.

Been dying left and right due to invisible enemies and debuff visuals not loading properly, one time I had to fight an invisible Sirus simply because his textures didn't load.

Also, every time the "Texture Streaming" decided to load something, I would get freezes between 2~5 seconds, going from 90 fps down to single digits.

I'd rather have longer loading times than having to deal with this crap every single map.

If this were any other game, I would've already uninstalled it and asked for a refund because the way the game is right now feels like a joke than anything else, we're weeks away from ending the league and not a single fix has been added so far.

My specs:

AMD Ryzen 5 2600
16gb Ram DDR 4
RX 580 8gb GPU
240gb SSD (which is where I installed PoE)
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Why it can't be optional? I mean in setting have a Check boxes with chose: use the streaming textures or load all assets force. May bee i want to load all assets on loading screen and don't get 15 sec stutter at the each pack of monsters which i didn't see. Better loading 2 min, than die in stutters and lose exp or hc character.
soon its the middle of March, are they even addressing this?
Well, since you introduced that texture streaming, game for me is almost unplayable. Thanks.

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