Texture Streaming in Echoes of the Atlas

Thanks for being honest and assuming that there is a problem. Love you GGG, keep the hard work and bring my framerate back! <3
It's physically impossible for me to play the game right now, and until this is fixed I will not be playing. I wasted 4 hours today trying to map and crashing every single map, sometimes up to 5 times in a single map.

I don't care if it's related to texture streaming or not. This patch broke the game for me. You guys completely missed the point again.
Bring back --noasync and --waitforpreload
Todays 13.1 patch made the game run a lot better. i'd still prefer the pre echoes of atlas performance, but if there're one or two more patches that increase the performance of the engine like this one, the texture streaming will be fine.
i just hope that the new "high quality textures" chris is talking about for PoE "2" are optional and i can continue to play the game still.
Not had much problem with the new texture streaming! Keep working on it <3 Have noticed a improvement in stuttering as well, not noticing any even if shaders are reseted.
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I never had this bad of a performance as this league. Thanks for transparency.
When I reopen passive tree few times in a row - image of ascendancy appears blurry every time for a while.
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Voltaxic wrote:
Bring back --noasync and --waitforpreload

Pretty sure these still exist on DX11
hi <3 I stream at twitch.tv/sjatar_
I have a freaking Samsung 970 NVMe for a system drive/drive the game is installed on. that's 3.5GB/s sequential read. Loading textures should be instantaneous. ffs

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