3.13.1 Patch Notes

My game looks like this after this patch...
Ahh and also impirint thing.If you're doing something wrong which may effect trade you can't nerf it.Its so unfair.People who're looking for bugs and glitches ***** everything in the game.You have to delete those items or shouldn't nerf impirint thing even a bit.
Zalkortis wrote:
Okay, I'm done this league. I'm pretty disappointed because of multiple facts.

1) texture streaming, its a shame. The performance of the game was much better when we was in beta.

2) No communication about this, no option to turn it off. Just force everybody into a new feature thats not working and make the performance worse than ever before

3) Stash tab issue solved with Stash tabs

4) That you was suprised your database was overloaded. I'm a system administrator, when you have now 10% more players than at the last leagues, you must already have run very near to capacity of your database. That wasn't a surprise.

5) 3.13.1 took 3 weeks, you were completely blocked the whole time fixing various crashings and gamebreaking bugs for almost a third of an entire league. Which make the league a complete desaster.

The only positive is you're grown player base. I really wonder why this grown so much as the gamebraking and annoying bugs grows every league.

I really love this game, I supported it a lot. I will probably support again but I don't want this kind of experience every league.

So please, work on your communication to the community, test your stuff and give us at least options to disable features that just don't work to prevent having a worse gaming experience from league to league.


Agree with every point
Game is fun, shame I cant play it for 2 days now cause you cant fix it!
Nice after this update this game is unplayable for me.
Unplayable - crashes to desktop every ~30 seconds into a map.

Still no word from GGG. Nice.
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what do you mean no news... sure there are posts from them... buy new effect (that u cant see because textures are all screwed up)... showing fan art.. like that fixes anything... and our database is fine now (since 1000s of players cant play)...

oh you mean posts related to the bugs? we have no bugs.. its all easter eggs...

i am done with the game till they fix crashes [Removed by Support]
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Computer for 3k$, 100Mb/s internet connection and lag/latency spikes everyday. Texture streaming is shit... loading takes forever and sometimes wont load. Every few instance changes i get disconnected from server. Lost many trades trying to go to someones hideout and dced. Performance is shit... In 3.11 league I could do blighted map with full crap of monsters on 6 year old computer with no problem. Right now I have frame drops till 20 FPS even on yellow maps not speaking of blighted maps. Last time I was disapointed this much with cyberpunk 2077. You delayed this patch due to CP2077 launch and even now this game is in terrible state. How do you imagine doing 100% Blighted Maps? It's crazy! For the next league I propose "We fix PoE to be playable again League" Dont even think about adding new stuff coz you make everything worse.
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Game crash every 30 sec after launching ... before patch everything was okey -.-
Can maybe run 1 map before the game crashes, turned a good league into a bad one.

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