3.13.1 Patch Notes

What I have most problem with is that they dont say anything what might cause this or that they are looking into it.
The saddest part is that GGG isn't saying anything on the topic. I get it. You don't want to admit, you fucked up. Its corona. Its the weekend. I know there aren't a lot people there to fix it all in a few hours.

But PLEASE at least give us something here. Not a single Message from GGG what's happening here. Just tell us that you at least try to make it better. Send someone to deploy a rollback or do anything.
I wonder if [Removed by Support] will silence this thread asweel like he did on crash (bug forum) because people are speaking about crash to desktop.
Honnestly by doing that I felt like ggg spit in my face.

Second league i get crash to desktop.
After 7000 hours and 100 ++ $ spend on this game, I am done with this [Removed by Support]

Good Game, really really really bad management, think its worst management in any game i played actually.

PS would not be suprise if GGG deletes my post for bad image (marketing).
[Removed by Support]

Farewell to all fellow exile, we might play again in another ARPG in the future.

And also you can fix that issue (crash to desktop) by disabling SMT in bios this wont change the fact that i am done with this compagny (ggg) and how they handle this issue, thefts.
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This shit is actually a joke... i use Ryzen cpu and its this past years model it should play this game fine i play everything else at ultra.. about 2 years ago you i had to switch to playing softcore because you guys always fuck up the game for amd users and i crashed all the time then you guys fixed it.. i was currently about to be rank 3 guardian on ssfhc and you guys cuck me once again i cant play the game for more than 2 min without crashing to desktop. i re downloaded the game i deleted all files i have tried everything when i load the game my cpu and gpu usage spike to 70% and this shit was not happening before the patch i had 0 lag in ritual 0 crashes and could do 60%+ delirium maps with out lag whatever you guys did pls just un fucking do it so a big portion of your population can pls play the game again. this was the first time ina long time i actually had fun playing a video game and you guys fucked that for me thanks.
Crash for me is fixed but loading textures still present.
Texture streaming is pre-alpha level of implementation, I have an i9 coupled with an RTX3090 running on an NVME drive and when I login or go into an new map, it takes 3 - 8 seconds to load textures... This is really bad.

Still, it would have been perfectly fine with me if the game didn't crash randomly every few minutes...
That's right GGG, keep ghosting comments instead of fixing your [Removed by Support] product. That's how you get people to buy your loot boxes.
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hi i had near perfect performance in 3.13 patch and now in 3.13.1 i am getting constant stutters and crashes.

dont know how this happened but both vulkan and dx11 are unplayable due to disconnects and the such, I have a brand new pc and its only this game.
Your patch changed absolutely nothing. Still double digit crashes to desktop without any feedback every day. Your content doesn't even matter[it's better than ever] when the technical aspects of the game are this bad. You'll burn the franchise to the ground, slowly but surely if you don't get a grip on these technical issues. It's a fucking disgrace and it has reached a level where it is so fucking infuriating i'll make it known LOUD AND CLEAR EVERYWHERE.

Sincerely yours
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I'm having sooo much random crashes after 3.13.1.

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