Echoes of the Atlas Patch Notes, Item Filter and Passive Tree Information

Seems Like for the T16 Maps you just use horizon orbs again for burial chambers lol
i just want to say, its so nice to have all the information out a few days earlier. Makes the planning of the new start less stressfull.

i quess back to pider forest for doctor farming
ok, thanks for listening me on dash but with adding support gem on it, whyle unable to use it bcs of ? it pulls me back ? people say desync . i should shoot to desync. most favorable skill and you add support gem on it and it doesnt even work normaly for 3 leagues.
any burial chamberer?
All t16 natural maps are shit layout
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Unfortunately, you forgot to add the 40 skill gems, you buffed, and the "more powerful options" to the Ascendancy nodes you nerfed. When will it be revealed?
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QQPQ wrote:
It's official. It's HH league. Burial Chambers is the only good base T16.
it's always HH league tho

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