Echoes of the Atlas Patch Notes, Item Filter and Passive Tree Information

cuorebrave wrote:
Why is nobody upset that there's only one measly new skill, and it's just a water orb? That's the main reason I keep coming back - to try a new, untested skill! Like Penance Brand two leagues ago (good!) or Crackling Lance last league (bad!).

Really? That's all you got for us that's new to try???

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Natalia_GGG wrote:
You can check out all the correct operators here.

Holy smokes, is this a new page?! I've been wanting an official documentation for loot filters because the wiki seems a bit out of date.

! Not equal

What??? I've never seen this operator mentioned anywhere! Is it actually implemented?
Item filter feature request: allow filtering by "BaseType not equal"

Class Amulets Rings
BaseType ! Talisman
AnyEnchantment True
SetTextColor ...

This would show enchanted rings and amulets that are NOT talismans.
Shouldn't there be new watchstone base types?
It's official. It's HH league. Burial Chambers is the only good base T16.
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t11 port meh.
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i hate the week before a new league. so slow
Great... all the T16s are crap layouts...
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Let the whine fest begin!

(in anticipation of 50 pages of non-stop whining)

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