Echoes of the Atlas Patch Notes, Item Filter and Passive Tree Information

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Burial Chambers :)
Necropolis :(
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impulze3 wrote:

Tier 16

Burial Chambers
Arachnid Nest
Pit of the Chimera
Lair of the Hydra
Maze of the Minotaur
Forge of the Phoenix
Vaal Temple

Yikes, only 4 T16 maps and necropolis again...

Ya that's sad! :(
much more powerful options :)))))
Hi, the bug which downgrades the unique maps to base tier on conversion still exists?
My preferred build -
Love the item filter reference <3

I'm guessing, that the colors and icons for playeffect or minimapicon will not have examples added, so the wiki page is still useful for that, because they have listed them there.

I also don't see any example for multiple Values being possible for many fields such as Class or BaseType other than HasExplicitMod >= 2 "of Haast" "of Tzteosh" "of Ephij". That is the only example for this. Therefore i'm guessing the wiki is still a necessary utility for starters.

And there is a link missing, because i don't see anything on the website, that would link to the item filter reference. I am guessing, that it will be added. It has been particularly bizarre, when changes had been announced and i had to google them using keywords, that i remembered from the announcement.
Blubbeys Convenient 4-Color Filter:

Blubbey's Convenient Death Aura:
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The reference page seems awesome. Thanks a lot!
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Will the Ritual Basetypes be dropping from monsters? or will they be only obtainable from the ritual window? because not including them in my filter will save me a lot of time lol

As for the new Item Classes, Will writing "Maven's" be enough to include all of those?

Also, which one of these is from Ritual and which from the Atlas?

- Crescent Splinter
- Blood-filled Vessel
Passive Tree Balance
The Impaler Keystone now prevents Call of Steel removing any Impales inflicted within the last 4 seconds.
The Ash, Frost and Storm, Elemental Resistance and Anointed Flesh notables each now grant reduced effect of Shock and Chill on you, rather than reduced effect of non-damaging Ailments on you.
The Swift Skewering cluster now consists of two branches (rather than a full loop). It now has a second notable, Blade Sovereign, which causes Call of Steel to have +4 to maximum Steel Shards, 30% increased Use Speed and deal 10% increased Reflected Damage. The small passive leading to Blade Sovereign grants Call of Steel 15% increased Use Speed and causes it to deal Reflected Damage with 15% increased Area of Effect. This small passive replaces one that previously granted 5% increased Impale effect.

Thats the whole change after all that nerfs? o0

Edit: We all still waiting for that 40+ gems buffed so all our characters got this promissed POWER... (almost nothing in assendancy changes, almost nothing in skills, almost nothing in passive tree)

League where the main goal is to fight multiple bosses same time and all characters nerfed, some rly havy :D

Why is nobody upset that there's only one measly new skill, and it's just a water orb? That's the main reason I keep coming back - to try a new, untested skill! Like Penance Brand two leagues ago (good!) or Crackling Lance last league (bad!).

Really? That's all you got for us that's new to try???

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