Atlas Passive Trees in Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

@Bex who is the "vaal flesh merchant" ?
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Only 2 betrayal and harbinger nodes. We need more.

I'm sorry, WHAT?
Check !

I'm sorry, WHAT?

It's just 5%. It's not a big deal.


...unless you combine it with "A Master Seeks Help (Einhar)" prophecy :o
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I LOVE it!

please please pleeeeaase add some way to track this visually such as the beyond mod on a map glowing when that map is in an atlas region w/ beyond passives allocated.

I love the added complexity for mapping but just want to make sure the new passives aren't conducive to more downtime in hideout

as usual Love yall GGG
Great concept and alluring idea, but Betrayal seems a bit underwhelming except for Bribery and Test of Loyalty. In a world in which running Mastermind is usually not worth it, making Safehouses/Mastermind more attainable through additional Safehouse intelligence might be a good idea, but it doesnt help with building your board very much, which is the problem of running Mastermind.

Especially while competing with Beyond and Harvest in Haewark Hamlet, "Intelligence Gathering" seems like a likely Skip for many people.

"Test of Loyalty" on the other hand seems really nice for chasing Safehouse rewards.

Excited to see it in practice!
...Chief Arkhon of the Oriath Academy....
This is brilliant team, good work!
As helpfull as having the big nodes are i have no idea what the small ones do? Increase spawn rates or something else?

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