Atlas Passive Trees in Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

Holy makrill, those tree's are absolutely wildin', super excited to dive into this expansion!
Hype is Real <3
Finally be able to choose the aspects of the game i like the most
There are so many new terms and unknown mechanics here! Awesome! You'll be coming up with some sort of concordance or something in-game, right?
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Really good looking this expansion will be great
Delight in your gilded dungeon, Ascendant.
Hope the bonuses from the trees are in addition to awakener level bonuses from normal atlas. My greed is stoked. :D
some of these are nuts and the bonuses are huge, there is gonna be more of everything this league than the ones before its a real lootfest
dang! one of them has my 3 fav leagues mechanics on it... that one is gonna be hard to choose....

Hot totties :D

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