Atlas Passive Trees in Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

all the small nodes all give 3% chance for the event to happen right?
drenched 👌
blue blade flurry mtx plssss
also crystal earth shatter
Only 2 Harbinger notes?
This is probably one of the best updates I've seen in a long time. Honestly more hyped about this than anything else. Great way to allow us to engage in past league content more often without having to dump currency into the map device or reroll on sextants.
more tied to watchstone s**... not amused...
Verrde wrote:
"Einhar Missions in Areas have 5% chance to replace 'ALL' monsters with Beasts?"
That sounds absolutely amazing...

Just to clarify, it's not a 1:1 swap - the number of beasts spawned doesn't depend on the number of mobs removed. It spawns within a fixed range.
<3 !!!

Lex Ejoris with maxed Deli and Meta will be insane. Some of these possible combos are gonna be pretty rippy. I'm excited!

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