Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas FAQ and Q&A Summary

literally amazing
YersiniaD wrote:
I have some more questions for you
1. In the Trailer there was an atlas with A8 Level and conquerors spawned with just 3 maps... Did you cheat or is that a change? Would be great!
2. Harvest going core: Can I still access my stash when I am in the garden?
3. Also when Rituals league is transferred to standard: What happens to the atlas ascendencies?
4. When Heist ends what happens to the Rogues? Do they keep their Level and equipment? And in future transfers?
5. What happens when Rituals league gets transferred to standard in terms of the horticrafting station with only 10 crafts? Some sort of remove only tab?

Atlas ascendancies have nothing to do with ritual league, it's part of the new expansion, so no you won't be losing atlas ascendancies once 3.13 is over.

I might be wrong but i'd say it's unlikely, no one is ever too wise
Gonna be super disappointed if we lose Sirius in the future, unless he is implemented in a different way to get access to all the awakened skill gems, and the other loot.
Really not happy about rogue harbor being public again, i was not expecting that and pretty sure no one asked for it, i guess i'm not gonna do heist because my potato PC can't handle all the mtx there bad news

...just 6 more days xD
What‘s the harvest base spawn chance?
SoM wrote:
creativdude wrote:
SoM wrote:
what about horticrafting ?
in the video I'm pretty sure they said you can store only 10 crafts

yeah i know, so it appears we'll only be able to use horticrafts only from harvest area we find in map, would be nice to get a hortistation in HO

Chris said that there will be a horticrafting station available in h/o
"It's time to espionagerate! Espionify? Espi- Time to talk!"
That very last line is dreams. Thank god.
how much harvest recipies we will be able to store? if only ten then its pointless
Why so silent on the twitch scam with no drops again???

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