Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas FAQ and Q&A Summary

skimbre wrote:
When we are leveling thrue acts from scratch, will we get some kind of rewards from this new league or only when we finish story and get to map device?

Ritual? Yeah, It'll be in every zone.
SoM wrote:
what about horticrafting ?

The Horticrafting Station will be available in your hideout as well as the Sacred Grove for you to perform Harvest crafts.
Reprisal35 wrote:
Does having party members increase the amount of Tribute earned so each party member can potentially get a reward? Does having more party member also affect the quantity and/or quality of the rewards?

Will the macOS launcher be updated to support Apple M1 chips?
patirce wrote:
herkufels wrote:
Can the Maven witness unique map bosses?


It reads "(unique map) bosses", not "unique (map bosses)".

In Heist, the meta for getting the most value out of the system centered around 'splitting' valuable blueprints and running them infinitely for massive amounts of currency, will this change in Echoes of the Atlas?
You can still split copies of Blueprints. However, the copies are no longer fully revealed, requiring you to acquire and spend reveals and markers again in order to maximise their rewards. Rewards from contracts and blueprints have also been rebalanced.

I strongly hope they buffed the heck out of Heist! Otherwise Grand Heists would be UTTER CRAPTIER after this change!
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"Will the new maps add 11 to the maximum Atlas completion bonuses?
Yes. Well actually 10, since Hall of Grandmasters no longer grants completion bonuses in 3.13."

Thank you! I was getting tired of having to make a second char or wait for Balefire on SSF to complete this.
SSF, because Path of Trade RMTers and bots suck.
Gona play this just for the challenge rewards tbh... the league doesn't seem interesting, I would like to see another morph league
Pleaz nerf aura stackersss
Looking foward for this expansion, since i read the delay of 3.13, can't play it until being hyped again.
Finally on Friday we'll see everything, nice!!! Regards

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