3.13.0 Livestream Twitch Drops

twitch died, can't watch or login now, how do you deal with situation like that? Can't login and watch = dont get any drops.
And what was left for me like less then half of that required time or so.
Go to https://www.twitch.tv/drops/inventory and see if the wings are up for claim there. If NOT then go to your connections here on your pathofexile.com - disconnect from Twitch and re-connect.
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Same thing for me. Super disappointed. I'm stuck at 80% even though I was watching the release, Q&A, and Baeclast afterwards.

Something bugged out at some point. Not the streams. Just the progress.

Should we contact support individually or is this post enough to claim?
I also got stuck for drops on Twitch. I hope that there is a way to manually enter a code..
well I watched 2 hours after first 40mins I find out where to check how long does twitch think I have been wathing and it was stuck at 30% then I managed to make it move after refresh and got to 60% then stuck again after that tried to log out and log in but well I didnt manage to log back in because twitch decided to die cannot run it on TV mobile or PC crying in sad wings
Twitch chuting down heree give me my wings pls!
Twitch is dead. Can't open the inventory and it can't show my progress. How are you gonna make up with this GGG?
I watching more than 1 hour and still showing 13% left...

Twitch died, the time is not counted correctly. Can you extend the time we have to watch from 3 hours to 48 hours? I am mean people cant do anything about it.
"Failed to check for new Twitch entitlements." also alot of connections are down on twitch's end so their that. Glad the wings are in most cases a worse version of others i already have. The claim feature bugged out while trying to claim it, maybe it'll work in a few days

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