A Brief History of the Atlas Lore

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Everything is fine with the plot. Problems with the game itself, leagues - dead-end development of the game, there is no desire to create a constantly new hero to see new content.
Diablo 4 promises full character development will take several years, you need to develop in this direction.
I may not rememBWHAH
I wish elder orb was reintroduced.
nerf aurastacker, ty.
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You want to do this and that.I want to be able to sustain maps once for all without using trade site or poemaps.live.How hard is it?
We want to reintroduce some of the ominousness that came with the eldritch feel of the Shaper and Elder.

Thank you, I always found Conquerors and Sirus kinda lame compared to the mysterious and eerie Elder.
Is this some sort of hive-mind post? It uses "I" as a singular pronoun but is signed by a team. Odd...

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Excited to see the new endgame story!

A good opportunity to make Sirus appear not only in his domain, but in maps in general. Which was the case with Shaper and Elder. At least let us find some lore books with him narrating them. That would be very nice. You admitted some time ago that this content was not finished at the release of the Conquerors of the Atlas. I still remember when I finished a fight with one of the conquerors and Zana suddenly opened a portal to Sirus. And, of course, I had no idea, why she did that.

Could there also be a possibility to finally be able to create a character at map level? Sorry, but being forced to run through 10 acts all the time is just nuts! It's simply a huge waste of time, in which I could be mapping or delving instead! My idea for this issue LOREWISE: You either complete half of the watchstones or unlock half of the maps and Zana gives you a little quest where you unlock some kind of an altar or device, something like Altar of Timeless/Dreaming Heroes which would enable you to create characters at lvl 68 + skill points from quests. No more running through repetitive acts (exception: league starter build)! And actually MORE INCENTIVE to try out new builds!

Also, another big concern about the current maps: They remain literally UNCHANGED since Fall of Oriath! I suppose you will add a few new layouts when PoE2 goes live. But right now there is really zero unpredictability about the maps. The layout is essentially the same. And some maps like Dungeon and Cells are no fun to run at all. Unique maps are only there to be played once for the Atlas bonus. You always add new mechanics for maps (Metamorph, Blight, Legion, Harvest...), but no new maps are added! Why not add at least 2-3 maps each league? Or make them with unpredictable layouts? For instance, you open a Dunes Map and suddenly there is a bit of jungle from the Jungle Map or you find an entrance to the Tower (tower map). Why not add different, UNPREDICTABLE weather (rain, snow, thunderstorm...) or time of day (day, night, evening, twilight...)? There is so much you could do about the atmosphere of the game!

And why not have an UNPREDICTABLE ATLAS RESET? For instance, each time you kill or fight Sirus, the Atlas is completely changed, with unlocked maps being at different places. Or why not have a procedurally generated Atlas (Endless Atlas), similar to Delve where you are basically exploring an infinite Atlas? I would be hooked for sure, if you made such awesomeness! :)

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Pshaurk wrote:
MLGonthorian wrote:
"Brief history"? Hello? Synthesis? That was a huge part of "history" for the Atlas you can't erase what you've made others experience. It's a part of the lore AND history now, whether you removed it from the game or not.

Synthesis was the best league creatively, artistically etc. It had a really good mystery/endgame feel to it and I hope they bring it back. Some simplification of the Synthesizer and it would be perfect alternate endgame that weaves into the story

100% agree.

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