A Brief History of the Atlas Lore

I have that idea in my mind that they will explain to us that the Elder came from a different world like the upside down ( like the demogorgon)
And now SHE is coming for us ( some kinf of Mind Flayer )

After 3.12 Casa the Papel league, 3.13 Stranger things league... maybe

Or Give me my 3.13 Pirates of the caribbean league please please !

Still both would be very cool !

Hmmm. So Atlas Core is a dive into the Heart of the Atlas?
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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Atziri is finally going to come out of her home and wreck havoc on us with all her VAAL minions.
I don't know, man.
I appreciate your efforts, I really do. But it just doesn't feel nice to play for me personally.

The Atlas just isn't fun for me, which leads to me quitting a league after one week, in which I just play, on average, five characters through the acts and start the next one.
Most map layouts are annoying to run. Many maps require specific build types to feel good. And on top of all that, I can't even chose which map to run, because the "entry ticket" is a random drop.
And I still don't fully understand the new Atlas System either. I do it just like the guides say, just like people explain it to me, but I am not getting into the next tier of maps after slotting my first Orb into the Atlas. It might just again be, because of terrible RNG.

My biggest hope for at least 4.0 is an alternative to mapping for endgame. On that note, I really enjoyed the Endless Delve Event. It just had way too much RNG involved for my taste, which made 60hrs of pure grinding for gear feel pointless, since I didn't get a single usefull item. Not one.

I would even like to see some sort of Arena.
I imagine it something like this:
- Talk to NPC.
- chose a certain type of region you would like to run. Be it something like "linear areas", or "undead habitants".
- request to enter (for a price, if necessary). A portal to a random area (maps, act regions, boss rooms - as long as it fits the chosen type) opens.
- Defeat a set % of monsters in the region to open a portal to the next area.
- before every 10th area (9, 19, 29, 39, etc.) you land in a small room with vendor, stash, Arena NPC. You can either leave or request to challange a random act or map boss. Every 50th area it will be one of the big bosses like shaper, elder, sirus, aul, conquerours, etc.
- After every boss fight you get to add one more type to the pool, which then increases the chance to get better loot. (maybe 2.5 to 5%.). Also monsters gain the usual % increase to hp, attack and such. Just like map mods, basically.

Pretty much an endgame system, which would allow me to just chain areas, which I enjoy running, one after another. Without having to go and find the map for it first, which basically disables me from ever getting into the tunnel vision I like to have when playing games. If that makes sense to you, the reader.

Well, uhm.. sorry for this wall of text. I just felt like typing this out. I haven't slept much and had to distract myself for a while.
if you read it, thanks for investing your time. If you have unanswered negative feelings about this, go ahead and roast me all you want. I can take it! Otherwise I wouldn't press "submit" right now.
hope its less confusing than Conquerors , And at least more fun than the current atlas . Hoping for a new endgame boss .
Oh, man... The hype, I'm feeling it.
MLGonthorian wrote:
"Brief history"? Hello? Synthesis? That was a huge part of "history" for the Atlas you can't erase what you've made others experience. It's a part of the lore AND history now, whether you removed it from the game or not.

Synthesis was the best league creatively, artistically etc. It had a really good mystery/endgame feel to it and I hope they bring it back. Some simplification of the Synthesizer and it would be perfect alternate endgame that weaves into the story
Conqueror fragments when? Uber Sirus when? :/

hype hype hype hype
TheBenShee wrote:
i just hope for a better way to clear the atlas then we have right now. i hate the conq system.

Shagsbeard wrote:
We'll see. Wish you would get rid of the stupid watchstones, but it's your game.

These. A whole bunch of these.

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