A Brief History of the Atlas Lore

0:07 Harvest returns??
nicemoki wrote:
I'm still waiting to find a non-minion character that can reach end game content. In 3 years I've managed to get one to level 95, saw Sirus the first league he appeared in, and never since. I'm old and slow, so piano keyboard doesn't work for me. And with the league nerfs and buffs that always make minion build tougher, the melee builds become impossible.

I still have fun, but after a few weeks of continuous deaths sometimes not even in T5 maps, no chaos to upgrade gear and no way to find it...its try a different build... 9 builds in one league all to mid 80's and unable to run red maps is getting old.

If anyone has a build suggestion, please share.


Try spell totems. Either Arc or Freezing Pulse.
I prefer the later since it freezes and destroys corpses on crit kill. And as we know leaving corpses on the ground is not that good since there are a lot of post death damage effects.

If you dont like totems try any self cast build that destroys corpses. Preferably cold based skills since they tend to shatter defeated enemies.
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Sinaranu wrote:

.. reintroduce some of the ominousness that came with the eldritch feel of the Shaper and Elder.

.. more story into regular mapping with an element of unpredictability.

.. address some of the omissions and gaps in the Conquerors of the Atlas storyline, and build upon what was already there.

.. provide narrative hooks for the future.


Well done and thank you Nick.

What he said ^

/E: Btw - we need Lore compendium or something. A thing that we can read for example, and get to know/experience everything that we missed or just didn't know was there. I want to know 100% of it - how am I supposed to do that in a reasonable way? Trying to read/listen to everything while leveling for example is NOT a reasonable way.
Just take all of it and slap it somewhere accessible, preferably outside of the game too, will be good enough. Otherwise - it's a colossal waste of an amazing lore...

Oh, and improve trading ;) I know you can.
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greenyyin wrote:
0:07 Harvest returns??

I would love the return of a more intuitive system than the stupid watchstones.

I would also like to see anyone from GGG try to explain the endgame to a gamer who hasn't played PoE, including each map having different Tiers that only are useful to run when you juggle watchstones in the right way for that area that the map is in...

TheBenShee wrote:
i just hope for a better way to clear the atlas then we have right now. i hate the conq system.
I have not played this game in over a year (came back for flashback over xmas) so missed out on whole conquers thing mostly. Eitherway really like all version of atlas. Finally decent end game besides just maps up to 78 like old days. Look forwards to whatever you do to make it better.

Hope we ditch some of the bloatware though...too many leagues integrated. Go back to league stones.
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Wait so there is actually a lore we don't just slay monsters?
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
People complaining about how difficult it is to understand how to progress the current atlas, how they can't get past white maps, complaining about sustainability, how grindy it is getting to t16... you must be out of your da** minds. How do you expect GGG to take your criticism seriously when you can't even put in the effort to grasp the basics of the game? At least I hope that is why you can't get past the basics, because the other alternative is much worse. Try harder.
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